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January 11, 2016

Episode #69

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0:05:41 News
0:44:25 Android Without GApps
1:15:51 Feedback
1:26:44 2016 Predictions

Easing back into the old routine, this show we brought you up to date with the FOSS news of the last couple of weeks, discussed living with Android but without Google, caught up with your feedback, and cast our thoughts towards to year ahead with our predictions for 2016.

0:05:41 News

Solus 1.0 Released
darktable 2.0 Open-Source RAW Image Editor Is Out, Has Been Ported to GTK3
Developers can unwrap Perl 6 on Christmas

Ian Murdock, father of Debian, dead at 42
Richard Sapper, Designer Of IBM’s ThinkPad, Has Died

Oracle Sinks Its Claws Into Android (or not)
FSF Vision Survey

Remix OS for PC
$39 Lenovo LINK puts your phone screen on your PC (and more)
Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 Update (the fruits of an earlier announcement)
Cyanogen OS Is Now Pushing Microsoft Ads to the “open with” menu
Meet Chirimen, a Firefox OS-Powered IoT Single-Board Computer Developed by Mozilla
PINE A64 crushing its Kickstarter goal

Meetup Thu 28th Jan at the Mulberry Bush pub (near Waterloo station) 6pm

0:44:25 Android Without GApps

We spoke with long-time listener Félim Whiteley about his experience of running Android without the shackles of Google’s app and services. Thanks for your time, Félim, and the gentle chastisement!

1:15:51 Feedback

A huge thank you to Andrew Neher for becoming our latest Monthly Supporter, and to George Hangs and an anonymous donor for your PayPal contributions. And a personal shout-out and thanks from Joe to Ian Barton for your extremely generous donation of a Nexus 5 to the cause.

Will returned to our previous conversation about Yahoo funding Mozilla, and wondered — quite reasonably — whether that really is a tenable long-term option for the Foundation?

Picking up on a couple of our recent reviews, Velt Technologies got in touch, as did both Riley Brandt and listener Ian.

Chris Phillips contacted us about home automation, and brought Domoticz to our attention.

Returning to our 2015 predictions, Jesse clarified matters on non-systemd derivatives for Hal 9009, and John Hanks pitched in on Google Plus with a hype-busting comment that met with approval from at least one of your humble hosts!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing feedback to the show, and we hope that one of the benefits of a return to a fortnightly schedule will be that we’ll be able to cover your views in a more timely fashion. Keep them coming.

1:26:44 2016 Predictions

The time of year when we end up making ourselves look foolish is once again upon us. But was there anything obvious that we missed? Do get in touch if you think your powers of prognostication are stronger than ours.


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