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December 24, 2015

Episode #68

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0:01:06 The Year’s News In Review
1:24:20 Revisiting Our 2015 Predictions

After revisiting some of the major news stories of 2015, we reflected upon our previous predictions for the year.

0:01:06 The Year’s News In Review


LibreOffice for Android coming soon
[Dec] LibreOffice as a service offers alternative to Google Docs, Office 365

Samsung debuts its first Tizen phone – the Z1- in India
our Tizen review was on show #42
[Jun] Samsung sells a million Tizen-fitted Z1s in less than six months, plans Gold version

UbuTab Indiegogo failed; she started selling preorders
[Jun] Ubutab scam (and for those preferring a video version)

Librem 15 reaches funding goal
[Feb] The truth about Purism: Why Librem is not the same as libre
[Jun] Librem 13: A Laptop That  Respects Your Rights
[Jun] according to Martin Wimpress it’s the same box as the Entroware Apollo; uses the same touchpad as the Librem 15 and the Apollo, and so will suffer the same touchpad issues
[Dec] Squirrel!


Ubuntu Mate gaining official status for 15.04
[Apr] Ubuntu MATE on hardware

CrunchBang: The End

Answering the Call for Werner Koch’s Everywhere
[May] OpenSSL, OpenSSH, NTP Get Funding From Core Infrastructure Initiative
[Aug] Linux Foundation’s CII Donates $50k+ To OpenBSD

Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections
Lenovo Only Made Up To $250,000 From Nightmare Superfish Deal, Say Sources

Online Community Goes Nuts After elementary OS Devs Say People Should Pay


A GPL-enforcement suit against VMware
[Nov] Conservancy begging for cash

BBC gives children mini-computers in Make it Digital scheme
[Sept] BBC Micro:bit delayed by power supply SNAFU

Linux adopts conflict resolution code
[Oct] Kernel developer quits, citing lack of manners in the community
[Oct] Matthew Garrett Follows suit
[Nov] Why Hackers Must Eject the SJWs


Lots of Ubuntu tablets hit the street

General European retail availability of bq Ubuntu phone
our review of Ubuntu Touch was on show #35


Meizu MX4 Ubuntu available
[Oct] Meizumart Is Closed, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition No Longer Has a Home

Mozilla overhauls Firefox smartphone plan to focus on quality, not cost
our review of Firefox OS was on show #33
[Dec] Mozilla Will Stop Developing And Selling Firefox OS Smartphones

Oculus Rift Suspends Linux Development To Focus On Windows

Kubuntu and Ubuntu at odds
Joe’s interview with Jonathan Riddell at the time was on show #43
[Oct] Kubuntu Lead Has Stepped Down – But It Isn’t The End Of Kubuntu

After years of struggle, Mandriva is finally no more
CEO of bankrupt Linux company says employee lawsuits put it out of business


GPL-Violator Allwinner Joins The Linux Foundation

SourceForge commits reputational suicide

Wayback Machine’s 485 billion web pages blocked by Russian government order

Joe bought something; how’s it holding up?


Jolla cuts hardware biz loose to concentrate on Sailfish licensing
[Nov] Tough times for Jolla
[Dec] Jolla is back in business!

Plasma Mobile launched, with initial support for the Nexus 5



Stagefright Explained: The Exploit That Changed Android
Waiting for Android’s inevitable security Armageddon
[Oct] Stagefright 2.0 Vulnerabilities Affect 1 Billion Android Devices
[Oct] HTC exec deems monthly Android security update guarantee ‘unrealistic’

Oracle security chief to customers: Stop checking our code for vulnerabilities

Automatic Windows 10 Updates Chewing Through Data Caps
Windows, Privacy, and You


Microsoft has developed its own Linux
[Dec] Microsoft Made Many Shocking Linux & Open-Source Announcements This Year

Steam gamers already use Windows 10 more than all Linux distros combined

LILO Boot-Loader Development To Cease At End Of Year


The Free Software Foundation turns 30

World Without Linux Video Series Debuts, gets frosty reception

Google Chromebooks: The most popular classroom computing device


Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 Computer

NET OF INSECURITY – The kernel of the argument

Red Hat, Microsoft Forge Wide-Ranging Cloud Partnership


Not a typo: ​Microsoft is offering a Linux certification
Linux Foundation’s Deal With the Devil

Free HTTPS certs for all – Let’s Encrypt opens doors to world+dog

AMD GPUOpen: Doubling Down On Open-Source Development

25 years ago: Sir Tim Berners-Lee builds world’s first website

New HTTP error code 451 to signal censorship

1:24:20 Revisiting Our 2015 Predictions

Traditionally the annual show segment that Joe enjoys the most, but how did things pan out this year?


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