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June 8, 2015

Episode #43

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In the news this show, we’ll be discussing our take on the spat between the Ubuntu Community Council and the team behind Kubuntu. We’ve all heard quite a lot from Canonical and the UCC over the last week or two, which gave your Luddites plenty to chew over. But Joe also managed to secure an interview with Jonathan Riddell after we thought that we’d put the show to bed, so listen on to hear the other side of the story.

And, following our usual feedback section, we’ll be casting our gaze over a distro that’s a bit of rarity in the FOSS ecosystem – in that the developers seem to truly appreciate the importance of design and good marketing. The big question, though, is whether that’s really all that elementary Freya has to offer, or have the devs managed to deliver a product that lives up to the glossy packaging?


Joe’s efforts to achieve FOSS podcast ubiquity haven taken another step forward with guest appearances on both the latest and an upcoming episode of the Ubuntu Podcast.

0:04:21   News

Community Chaos
Kubuntu and Ubuntu at odds
Community Council Statement: Jonathan Riddell
Ubuntu Community Council, Jonathan Riddell discuss their recent fallout
All involved have form, as a NSFW 2013 podcast from Linux Outlaws reminds us

Births and Deaths
Fedora 22 is here!
LibreOffice comes to Android
Ubuntu Update podcast
Brand New Bq Ubuntu Phone Goes on Sale Next Week
First Ubuntu Phone with ‘Convergence’ Is Being Made by Bq
Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone European Release Date, Pricing Revealed
Canonical is sending all Ubuntu Insiders a Meizu MX4 running Ubuntu!
After years of struggle, Mandriva is finally no more
CEO of bankrupt Linux company says employee lawsuits put it out of business
First Steam Machines, Steam Link, Controller hit stores November 10

Google I/O 2015
Full keynote video
Google Chrome now has over 1 billion users
The 12 most important announcements from Google I/O 2015
Android M Multi-window
Google’s Project Vault Is A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card, For Any Platform
Upcoming changes to SD card and mass storage interaction
Google introduce ‘My Account‘ privacy control centre
Google announces the “Cloud Test Lab,” a free, automated testing service

0:53:38   Jonathan Riddell Interview

As we discussed in the news, tensions are still running high between the Ubuntu Community Council and the Kubuntu Council. Joe managed to catch up with Jonathan Riddell, a key figure at the centre of the ongoing dispute, to get his take on events.

1:17:48   Feedback

A huge thank you to Shaun Chiew and Kenneth Gibbs for your PayPal donations. And, as ever, our eternal thanks to our Monthly Supporters, whose regular funding help enormously both in keeping the show on air and allowing us to plan for future segments that may require a small financial outlay.

And on that topic, Peter Kidd got in touch to ask what happens to hardware (like the Firefox and Tizen phones) after we’ve aired our reviews? We explained that we try to extract maximum value from these purchases by holding on to the items so that when software updates become available we can report back – without incurring the costs associated with purchasing a new device.

Joe mentioned that, along with various UK FOSS luminaries, he and Jesse are planning to visit OpenTech 2015 on 13 June. Looks likely to be an interesting event, and may well be worth checking out if you’re anywhere near London that weekend.

And a special thanks to Brendan Perrine who pointed out that our website didn’t work properly when browsing with QupZilla (or Midori, as Paddy found out). Everything has now been fixed – and if anyone else ever encounters issues in the future, please do get in touch.

Returning to Joe’s seemingly constant unhappiness with Firefox, Rick, Will and Andres all got in touch to say that they didn’t recognise his issues. But philnc did, and Joel Tomfohr encouraged Joe to make the switch to Chromium.

Rick pointed out that whilst those who originally took part in the Oculus Rift crowd-funding campaign did receive hardware, they’ve since been left behind by the company and product. This set your Luddites off on a brief discussion about how these campaigns often seem to act as public beta test programs, where the punter willingly pays to take part.

A few comments about our mobile coverage kicked off with Henry Sprog saying some nice things about Ubuntu Touch, and Esteban taking Jesse to task for his dismissal of lower-end hardware. Some criticism from Mike Allread caused Joe to enter rant-mode, and we finished with Klaatu von Schlacker, who echoed a point that we’ve made repeatedly on the show. See, it’s not just us ;P

1:43:56   elementary OS Freya

Jesse – and many others – predicted big things for elementary OS this year. Prompted by an email from listener Robert Orzanna, we decided that it was high time to see if Freya lived up to those high expectations, or is this distro just an example of style over substance?


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