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November 8, 2015

Episode #61

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0:04:29 OggCamp Interviews
0:31:02 Sailfish OS and the Jolla Phone

After bringing you a flavour of this year’s OggCamp with a clutch of interviews, we finally got to complete our spin around the major Linux-based Android alternatives when we laid our hands upon a Jolla phone running Sailfish OS.

0:04:29 OggCamp Interviews

When Joe and Jesse reviewed a couple of Linux-powered laptops from Entroware back on show #40, they found much to like, but a few annoying niggles. With Entroware attending OggCamp this year as one of the main sponsors, we caught up with the lads again to see how things had moved forwards.

Jesse and Paddy also spoke to Derek Hughes, an amateur radio enthusiast who, along with colleagues, brought an impressive amount of kit to OggCamp. If you’re interested in this hobby and in the North West of England, the guys at Southport & District Amateur Radio Club will give you a warm welcome. Those further afield may wish to contact the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Many of us have fond memories of CrunchBang Linux, and Joe and Paddy caught up with its creator, Philip Newborough, to briefly talk about the end of that project. Whilst several distros have attempted to pick up the torch first lit and carried by Phil, it was clear from talking with him that BunsenLabs Linux is his preferred successor, and probably the best port of call for anyone looking to scratch the #! itch.

0:31:02 Sailfish OS and the Jolla Phone

When Martin Wimpress offered us the chance to borrow his Jolla phone and continue our exploration of non-Android but Linux-based mobile operating systems, we jumped at the opportunity. Listen on for our thoughts, but with the caveat that whilst Sailfish OS has a lot going for it, like Tizen it’s sadly not a properly open platform.


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