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April 26, 2015

Episode #40

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There’s a growing trend for distros to seek partnerships with hardware vendors, and this show we looked at the fruits of one such deal. After reviewing two laptops from a UK company that ship with Ubuntu MATE pre-installed, we wondered how beneficial this approach really could be in helping foster the greater adoption of Linux we all want to see.

0:02:54   News

Ubuntu 15.04 released
Can Canonical Count?
Ubuntu Desktop to Eventually Switch to Snappy Packages by Default

Android gets a “Trusted Voice” smart lock
Google Handwriting Input in 82 languages on your Android mobile device
Better presentation of URLs in search results
Reaching and re-engaging users on the mobile web
Ads Take a Step Towards “HTTPS Everywhere”
Google May Offer New Way to Target Ads

First GitHub Transparency Report Published
ZFS coming to Debian proper
Ardour 4.0 released
Vocal 1.0 Now Available
Bringing Tizen to a Raspberry PI 2 Near You

0:35:32   Feedback

A huge thank you to Glen Skiner for the PayPal donation, johanv for the Flattr, and to all of our regular Monthly Supporters – thanks, guys!

Julian Overall, Ivor O’Connor and Pete all added to the debate on customisation, and how welcome (or off-putting) this can be for end users.

Henry Sprog echoed some of our own thoughts on the responsibility of parents concerning the use of technology by their offspring, and Brad Alexander offered an alternative perspective on the topic of political correctness.

Florian got in touch to say that Joe’s experience of poor sound from the RPi2 is, sadly, not unique, and Драгица Ранковић expressed her frustration at the amount of coverage we give to mobile technology.

On the topic of crypto-currencies, John Whitmore wondered why nobody has thought to implement one based on a stamp scrip system modelled after the Wörgl or Iowa experiments? And sticking with financial matters, Daniel had some suggestions for us around transparency and support for our favourite FOSS projects.

1:03:36   Entroware Ubuntu MATE Laptops

With many distros increasingly seeking hardware partners to provide an out of the box Linux experience, we looked at the Apollo and Proteus laptops from UK supplier Entroware, and also chewed over how much such partnerships really help the broader Linux ecosystem.


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