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October 25, 2015

Episode #59

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0:02:03 News
0:55:37 Over a Pint

With global PC sales in free-fall, is a move away from general purpose computing and towards a cloud-focused future inevitable? If our news stories this week are any guide, it’s certainly looking that way. Plus, we chew over whether an apologia for the state of the KDE shell might just point to some wider uncomfortable truths about the Linux desktop ecosystem.

0:02:03 News

OpenBSD marks 20 years with a little help from the Beatles
19 Years of KDE History: Step by Step (GNOME turned 18 back in August)
Happy 11th Birthday, Ubuntu! and happy 12th, CentOS

Mozilla Launches Open Source Support Program
Google kills Chrome notification center, figures you probably won’t care anyway
Chrome dumps “OK Google” eavesdropping extension because nobody actually uses it
Google Goes After Microsoft & IBM By Making Google Apps For Work Free While Customers Still Under Competitor’s Contract
Cloud Software Companies Still Growing, Still Not Profitable
5 Things We Learned About AWS from Amazon’s Q3 Earnings

Cringe-worthy “PC Does What?” campaign wants you to upgrade
Windows 10 isn’t necessarily driving a big PC refresh cycle, AMD CEO says
You know when you spill your drink but keep on dancing anyway? That’s totally Intel right now
Intel inks $8bn debt deal, preps for Altera buy
Handy results put ARM on track for a muscular year

Meizumart Is Closed, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition No Longer Has a Home
Update on Ubuntu Phone security issue
Ubuntu Phones Will Run Any Linux Application on Top of Unity 8
Announcing the UbuCon Summit
Kubuntu Lead Has Stepped Down – But It Isn’t The End Of Kubuntu (we spoke to Jonathan back on show #43)

Solu: the Finnish pocket computer that wants to take over the world
The Story of MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit

Joe mentioned that he’s organised another podcaster meetup in London for early November.

And, finally, huge congratulations to Andy Mitchell, who was lucky enough to have his name picked out of the hat in our OSCON ticket competition. Enjoy the show, Andy!

0:55:37 Over a Pint

We wondered whether a blog post from Martin Gräßlin blaming most everyone else except the KDE team for any issues that users have been suffering with Plasma 5 might offer some broader insights into the failure of Linux to gain significant desktop market share.


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