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August 9, 2015

Episode #48

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A mere seven days later, and we’re back. A couple of interesting hardware add-ons for the Pi kick off our news coverage, and we look behind some recent headlines about Google and Mozilla to see how the balance of power can so quickly change in the tech world.

After your feedback, Jesse gamely attempts to run Android-x86 as a desktop OS. Has it markedly improved in the year since we last span it up, or is it still little more than a curiosity, burdened with a user interface paradigm that simply makes no sense without touch input?

0:04:22   News (You Might Have Missed)

Give Your Raspberry Pi Night Vision With the PiNoir Camera
Raspberry Pi gains $35 HAT-based touchscreen

Google+ and YouTube are finally splitting up
The Future of Google+, What New Research Reveals

Chrome tests “discarding” background tabs to save memory
News Sites Are Fatter and Slower Than Ever
Mozilla whines about Windows 10 – writes misguided open letter to Microsoft CEO
Antitrust: Commission fines Microsoft for non-compliance with browser choice commitments

0:24:47   Feedback

A huge thank you to johanv for the Flattr, and to Tony Jones for becoming our latest Monthly Supporter. It’s the predictable income that you guys provide that enables us to cover our regular running costs, and help us plan for future review hardware purchases. Thanks for making the show possible!

Moritz got in touch to sing the praises of GitLab as a properly Free source-code management system, that offers both self-hosted and on-line services.

Will’s mobile query from last show prompted further discussion; and both Charles Stell and Brian Hall offered some thoughts about laptops now shipping with pre-installed Linux images. During the discussion, we mentioned the current crowdsourcing by Lenovo, who are seeking feedback to inform their design decisions for a possible new ThinkPad.

0:38:49   Revisiting Android-x86

Back in March last year, Paddy reported on his attempt to live with Android-x86 as his primary desktop OS for a full week. We wondered if things had improved any in the intervening period, and asked Jesse to take a look at the latest release candidate.


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