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March 3, 2014

Episode #10

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Madbox Linux – Android-x86 – does anyone need desktop Linux any more?


Introducing Locally Integrated Menus to Unity 7

Ubuntu phones to ship this year from two manufacturers

Samsung unveils Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches (powered by Tizen)

Where Are All The Chromebooks?

E-Z-2-Use attack code exploits critical bug in majority of Android phones

Sailfish OS Launcher coming to Android phones (along with entire Sailfish OS)

LXC 1.0 released

Mozilla promise $25 smartphones, announces PhoneGap support for Firefox OS, and wants to cut out carriers from upgrade process

Nokia launches Android range; XDA devs have ported Nokia’s store over for the rest of us, and already rooted and installed GApps onto the new Nokia devices

2013 Global Server Market Continues to Decline (but not Linux)

Linux Voice magazine launched

First Impressions

Joe talked about Madbox Linux, and DistroWatch’s Random Distribution button was fairly kind to Paddy, giving him Bridge Linux to report back on next show.


Thanks again to our anonymous Flattrers!

We received comments on Twitter from Rob Mackenzie (@Rob_Hyperborean), Peter Paterson (@SpiderSpinotti), and Fab from the Linux Outlaws. Fab would have had no problem with jan’s (@herr_monk) tweeted mention of our show, but his German had me reaching for Google Translate! Thanks, jan.

Ian Barton mailed us to talk about an obvious market for Chromeboxes that the manufacturers seem intent on ignoring, and wondered if we might look at one of the BSDs. Whilst I continue to twist Joe’s arm on this, here’s a talk about why Linux users should care about OpenBSD.

Zach L posed a number of interesting questions on our website, which I had a bash at answering there.

Morten told us about Turbulence, another reason to look at the already excellent Manjaro, and that Sonar GNU/Linux will be releasing a version based on this distro. He also flagged up that Manjaro are looking for additional translators; if this is something that’s of interest, you can find more information here. Rainy was another listener who wrote to tell us that they’d found Manjaro to be to their liking.

Tzafrir Cohen and Paddy exchanged emails as they do most shows, and Daniel MC also chimed in on the topic of licensing and philosophy. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the ethical dimensions of technology in a future show.

Thanks to Brian36 from the UK and Joe from Tennessee for you nice comments.

Brad Alexander and Paddy exchanged several mails relating to software freedom that wandered off into slightly wider territory, and it was good to hear from Félim Whiteley again.

New listener John Lee has been catching up on past episodes, and pointed us at the OOo4kids project having heard Paddy’s earlier piece about Doudou Linux.


We love Android on our phones, but is it a viable replacement desktop OS? Paddy took one for the Luddite team and tried living with it for seven long, long days…

Over a Pint

We chewed over Joe’s question of “Does anyone need desktop Linux any more?” As usual, we only scratched the surface of the topic and would love to hear your thoughts below.


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