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August 16, 2014

Episode #22

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MEPIS – Jonathan Nadeau interview – Hugin


We recorded this show the day after a notable anniversary for the podcast world.

0:07:01   News

Privacy, security etc.
Ubuntu shopping lens deemed legal by UK data privacy office
Yahoo to roll out end-to-end encryption option for all Yahoo Mail users in 2015
What’s the matter with PGP?
This thumbdrive hacks computers. “BadUSB” exploit makes devices turn “evil” (video of presentation)

Lack of privacy – a good thing (…?)
Google Gives Child Pornography Email Evidence to Police
Microsoft tip leads to child porn arrest in Pennsylvania

Odds ‘n’ Sods
Defragmenting Qt and Uniting Our Ecosystem
Linux Mint Debian Edition move to Debian Stable base confirmed
We looked at the RC back on show #10, now Android-x86 4.4 has been released

Italian City Turin Opts For Ubuntu And Open Office To Save Millions
In Soviet Russia Linux Runs You
Free Software on the final frontier: GNU Radio controls the ISEE-3 Spacecraft (and a nice colour piece on the story)

0:47:05   Seen Elsewhere

New IBM SyNAPSE Chip Could Open Era of Vast Neural Networks (and what it’s all about)
Intel’s Broadwell processor revealed – The 14-nm Core M aims to upend the tablet market
Mile High Milestone: Tegra K1 “Denver” Will Be First 64-bit ARM Processor for Android

0:51:13   First Impressions

Paddy took a look at MEPIS, whilst Joe was handed AUSTRUMI for next time.

1:01:05   Feedback

A huge thank you to vadis, Jeremy Wootten, DeepGeek and an anonymous donor for the Flattrs, and to our existing Monthly Supporters. With no other PayPal donations this show, you guys helping to keep the lights on really was appreciated.

We had a whole raft of feedback following Joe’s UNetbootin grumbles last show. Thanks to Julian Overall, Steven Rosenberg and Bill_MI for your comments. Easy suggested Joe look at Multiboot, whilst Glen Skiner and Martin Wimpress are both fans of Easy2Boot. Martin also pointed us in the direction of some good instructions on how to setup Easy2Boot solely using Linux.

Glen also told us that he’s joined Joe in experiencing Xfce screen blanking woes. DeepGeek wondered if we’re planning to look at more window managers in the future… yep, next show we’ll be talking about Blackbox, Fluxbox, Hackedbox and Openbox.

And a shout out to Nigel Poulton, Dave Brandt, Rob Mackenzie, Matthew Heinke, Blue Eagle, Will and Ricky Fitts for your Tweets, mails and website comments.

Whilst talking about Joel’s use of a Pebble smartwatch on his motorcycle, Paddy mentioned the very fancy looking Skully AR-1 Android-based helmet.

We rounded off the feedback with comments from 0xf10e, Charles Stell and Jens Stein Jørgensen, all of whom had something to say about the question of trust, which we talked about last show. And taking a cue from Jens Stein, we’ve pencilled in a look at how practical a Google-free Android experience really can be for a future show.

1:19:55   Jonathan Nadeau Interview

We spoke with Jonathan Nadeau about the recent release of Sonar GNU/Linux 2014.1, and about accessibility in the wider Linux world. During the conversation, mention was made of the Accessible Computing Foundation; Vinux, an alternative accessability-focused distro; and the Universal Tux community. Many thanks to Jonathan for finding the time to talk with us, and if you have an unused computer sat at home, why not put it to good use via Jonathan’s Computers For Sonar initiative?

2:04:03   Off the Beaten Path

Jesse told us about Hugin, a free software panorama stitcher capable of producing some gorgeous results, and one of his favourite photo manipulation tools.


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