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November 28, 2016

Episode #92

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00:05:48 News
00:40:03 More Pi Gubbins
00:54:41 Feedback
01:03:19 Chapeau 24

For those not wanting to risk life and limb by living on the bleeding edge, a new release of Fedora is always a good time to look at derivatives based on the previous version. So this show we span up Chapeau 24, which aims to provide a more feature-rich and useful desktop environment than stock Fedora.

00:05:48 News

Fedora 25 released!
openSUSE community Linux moves ahead of Fedora

Alienware manager on Steam Machines lull: Windows 10 changed everything
Microsoft’s Linux love affair leads it to join The Linux Foundation
Microsoft & Linux & Patents & Tweets
SQL Server on Linux: Runs well in spite of internal quirks. Why?

O’Reilly Humble Unix Book Bundle

FlightAware offering bounties for Tcl improvements
curl Security Audit

Major Linux security hole gapes open
KDE Project Security Advisory

Chinese company installed secret backdoor on hundreds of thousands of phones
Google is pretty much abandoning Android 2.3 Gingerbread in 2017

Pinebook is a Linux laptop with an ARM CPU for $89 and up
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Raspberry Pi

00:40:03 More Pi Gubbins

Jesse talked about Lychee and the Energenie Pi-mote, whilst Joe chatted about how he uses WordPress and AntennaPod in a somewhat unconventional manner.

00:54:41 Feedback

A huge thank you to Wiktor Wajsberg for your PayPal donation, and to Joshua Scott, Robert Rijkhoff, Diego Reyes Quintana and Thomas Larsen Wessel for joining our band of Monthly Supporters. Thanks, guys!

Gavin Hewins got in touch to plug the upcoming HackHorsham Raspberry Jam in Horsham, due to take place on December 11th. If anyone else has community events they’d like us to mention, please do let us know.

David Carollo and Morten wondered if there shouldn’t be more Red Hat and Fedora coverage on both this show and others, and questioned the amount of advocacy those projects undertake.

Following up on Jesse’s comments last time about 3D printing, Victor and Nathan Wolf suggested some software to try for both design and slicing, and Brian got in touch with a pointer to a podcast he recorded on the subject a couple of years ago.

01:03:19 Chapeau 24

We took Chapeau 24 for a spin to see how it stood up against both Korora and stock Fedora. And whilst the team behind Chapeau have undoubtedly made some good decisions regarding application and system defaults, we were ultimately left wondering whether this should be a stand-alone distro at all?


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