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November 14, 2016

Episode #91

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00:03:09 News
00:32:49 Linux Voice/Linux Magazine
00:40:39 herbstluftwm
00:51:40 Feedback
01:08:39 Elizabeth K Joseph on OpenStack

OpenStack has the justified reputation of being a complex set of technologies. This show we talked with Elizabeth K Joseph, whose new book provides an overview of the platform and some much needed practical hand-holding through your first few simple deployments. This after the latest news and your feedback, plus a look at herbstluftwm, a relatively unknown tiling window manager.

00:03:09 News

Mythbuntu: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Ubuntu Budgie
MP3 Support Now Coming to Fedora Workstation 25

Open-source pioneer Munich debates report that suggests abandoning Linux for Windows 10 (totally unrelated)

Lenovo issues fixes for laptop Linux installs
The Code To Intel’s New Linux Wireless Daemon Is Now Public

Mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop for first time worldwide
One billion people now use Facebook on a mobile device — and only a mobile device — for the first time

WebAssembly: Finally something everyone agrees on — websites running C/C++ code
Browsers remove functionality due to privacy
Introducing FlyWeb
FlyWeb – Pure Web Cross-Device Interaction

00:32:49 Linux Voice/Linux Magazine

As we recently reported, the Linux Voice team have recently merged operations with Linux Magazine. How well does the new combined publication work? Jesse reported back.

00:40:39 herbstluftwm

Prompted by listener Michael Boyle, we span up the herbstluftwm tiling window manager. If you’d like to see it in action without having to follow our footsteps, check out this video.

00:51:40 Feedback

A huge thank you to Adam Cox, David Garth-Owen and Wiktor Wajsberg for your PayPal donations, and to Michael Lamb for becoming a Monthly Supporter of the show. We are immensely grateful for all of the support that we receive.

And thanks to Seenysha for pointing out that ‘Not So Fast: Thinking Twice about Technology‘, the book written by Doug Hill with whom we chatted back on show #38 is finally available on Amazon.

Several people got in touch following our conversation last time about the state of software ‘engineering’, including Campbell Barton and Florian. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

And on the question of Pi use-cases we had input from John and Lori, amongst others.

A comment from Jerry Steele of the Admin Admin podcast prompted a brief discussion around SSH key security, and whilst talking about CubicleNate’s thoughts on the micro- vs monolithic kernel debate Paddy mentioned a talk by Andy Tanenbaum that nicely teases out some of the key issues. Recommended viewing.

01:08:39 Elizabeth K Joseph on OpenStack

A familiar name to many, both for her association with the best Linux desktop and her work on diversity in tech, Elizabeth has also been heavily involved in the burgeoning OpenStack scene. We spoke with Lyz about her new book ‘Common OpenStack Deployments: Real-World Examples for Systems Administrators and Engineers‘, which will help you find your feet in this complex infrastructure project through the use of practical examples. Thanks again to Lyz for taking the time to talk with us.


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