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October 31, 2016

Episode #90

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00:01:35 News
00:41:50 Paddy’s First Taste of Pi
01:08:40 Feedback
01:18:59 Software Engineering?

After kicking off with the latest news, this show features a frank first impression of the Raspberry Pi, your feedback, and a discussion about the state of modern software engineering.

00:01:35 News

Hotfix Your Ubuntu Kernels with the Canonical Livepatch Service!
“Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever is under active exploit
Security bug lifetime
Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing
Defending against Rowhammer in the kernel

Google Pixel XL costs $285.75 to Manufacture — in line with Rival Smartphones
Remix IO — A 4K, Nougat-powered, All-in-One device
BBC micro:bit goes global (tiny, affordable, educational computing)
Germans React to UK’s micro:bit

Smartwatch shipments are down 50 percent from a year ago (IDC report)
Macs are 3 times cheaper to own than Windows PCs, says IBM’s IT guy

The Linux Foundation takes on the JavaScript community with the JS Foundation
The Linux Foundation and edX Announce New, Free DevOps Course

Linux Voice Joins the Linux New Media Family; FAQ

00:41:50 Paddy’s First Taste of Pi

After much nagging from his fellow hosts, Paddy finally plugged in his Pi and reported back on his experiences running some of the popular desktop distros. Which weren’t great, TBH. As suggested in the segment, he’s planning to look at more programming-oriented projects like Ultibo and JonesFORTH O/S for a future a show.

01:08:40 Feedback

A huge thank you to Jerry Murphy for becoming a Monthly Supporter of the show. And if you like what we do — and you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise — then think about following Jerry and throwing us a few bucks every month for the value we give you.

Thanks to CubicleNate and Rob Landley for getting in touch regarding Google’s propensity for leaving users in the lurch by frequently ditching services, and to Ian Barton for his thoughts on sudo password delays. As Paddy suggested, man pam_faildelay might be another place to start looking if this behaviour bugs you too.

James Lewis thought we may have been a little harsh in our dismissal of the current state of Unity 8, whilst Russell Dickenson sadly agreed that the lack of full Play Store access means that Phoenix OS really isn’t a viable choice on tablets right now.

01:18:59 Software Engineering?

There’s a famous fake interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, that really nails down the underlying goal of most modern software tooling and development: it isn’t designed to produce a functional product for the end-user, but rather to keep those in the computing industry in long-term and lucrative employment. Your Luddites sat down to chat around the topic, braving the thousands of outraged code monkeys that will likely start flinging poo in their direction.


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