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February 16, 2014

Episode #9

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PLD Linux Distribution – Antergos and Manjaro – does Linux need a benevolent dictator?


Debian and Ubuntu to move to systemd

Who’s Writing Linux?

A bevy of Chrome boxes

GCC and LLVM collaboration / The Open Source Compiler Initiative

Android-x86 4.4-RC1 (KitKat-86) released

Plan 9 source now also licensed under GPLv2

The Linux Outlaws are back

First Impressions

Paddy had a look at PLD Linux Distribution, whilst Joe will be taking a gander at Madbox Linux for our next show.


Again, a huge thank you to our anonymous Flattrers.

Also, thanks to Jenny (‏@avengemydeath) and Bacon Zombie (‏@BaconZombie) for their kind words on Twitter.

Ian Barton and Paddy exchanged emails about systemd, and how it will affect the Linux eco-system longer term. What is there left to say on that topic? I’ll leave it up to Henry Spencer: “Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.”

Joe and Richard Marsh had a to-and-fro over the ‘what is a distro’ question.

Steven Rosenberg left a couple of comments on our website about Debian, and pointed us towards a blog post of his talking about the firmware he installed to get his laptop running well under Jessie.

Zach L gave us some thoughts about the FSF and the ‘GNU/Linux’ naming issue.

Tzafrir Cohen wrote a very detailed and enumerated set of comments on the website. We had a bash at addressing the issues he raised, albeit with some disagreement. Paddy probably didn’t do justice to the ideas expressed by Isaiah Berlin, but he does believe that Berlin’s perspective on the conflicting visions of liberty (freedom) that we as humans subscribe to provides a good framework to explain our differences on many topics, including licensing.

Charlie Ogier wrote to tell us that he’s written a GPLv3 licensed GUI file finding utility – using the Gambas3 BASIC language – and would welcome user feedback.

A Couple of Arch Derivatives

From the ridiculous to the sublime: we took a look at the XFCE versions of Antergos and Manjaro.

Over a Pint

Does user space needs a benevolent dictator like Linus?

[In hindsight, we really ought to have also considered whether Linus actually is a benevolent dictator]


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