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September 5, 2016

Episode #86

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00:01:05 News
00:38:04 UbuCon Europe 2016
00:47:20 fish Shell
00:58:55 Feedback
01:10:29 Desktop Customisation

After the news, we hear about the upcoming UbuCon Europe from two of the organisers, Jesse goes fishing for compliments on his new choice of shell, we chew over your feedback, and round things off by disagreeing about the benefits of desktop customisation.

00:01:05 News

Linux turns 25, is bigger and more professional than ever
Live from LinuxCon – Sharing the latest news and learnings on Microsoft’s open journey
Linus Torvalds says GPL was defining factor in Linux’s success
The kernel community confronts GPL enforcement

Android Nougat drops support for Nexus 5 and 2013 Nexus 7
Google Wi-Fi Assistant coming to a (newish) Nexus phone near you
Google brings in-app search feature to its Android app

European Copyright Leak Exposes Plans to Force the Internet to Subsidize Publishers
EU Copyright Law Undermines Innovation and Creativity on the Internet. Mozilla is Fighting for Reform
International Fair Use Developments: Is Fair Use Going Global?

Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos
The long-awaited Maru OS source release
Raspbian OS: Consider It Compromised

Ryan Sipes: Meet the new Community Manager at System 76 (me)
Purism announces the creation of its Advisory Board

00:38:04 UbuCon Europe 2016

We spoke with Michael Hall and Sujeevan Vijayakumaran about the European UbuCon that’ll be held in Essen 18-20 November 2016.

00:47:20 fish Shell

Jesse attempted to convince Joe and Paddy of the supposed benefits of the fish shell.

00:58:55 Feedback

A huge thank you to Vipul Agarwal and Johan Nilsson for keeping the show on the road by becoming Monthly Supporters. If you enjoy what we do, why not join them?

Following up on our comments about IoT security, Will got in touch and Jesse mentioned that some manufacturers shockingly take this stuff seriously.

Will also had some thoughts about the Lumina Desktop, as did Florian and CubicleNate. Thanks, guys.

Kelly Price reached out to share how they’d tricked out their Acer C710 with 16GB RAM and was running GalliumOS on it. Slight overkill, maybe, but I bet it flies!

Wrapping things up, Ian Barton wondered if we’d come across Turns out it’s something none of us have looked at in more than passing, so we’ve mentally filed for a deeper dive next time we compare personal cloud solutions.

01:10:29 Desktop Customisation

Although you can still tweak a lot of desktop settings manually, both ChaletOS and Zorin OS provide simple theme changers that switch a whole lot of settings in one fell swoop — and limit your options for doing so.

With Microsoft only recently baking in a dark theme to add to the very limited desktop customisation available out of the box on Windows, we chewed around whether the ability to easily and endlessly tinker with our Linux desktops was a good thing or not.


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