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July 25, 2016

Episode #83

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00:01:07 News
00:33:34 Filling the Void
00:53:58 Feedback
01:11:15 Finding Solus with Ikey

The Free and Open Source Software world is notoriously poor at selling itself to Joe Public. Why is this, and could an existing organisation fill the outreach void? Plus, and after all of the news and feedback, we talk with Ikey Doherty, who has a very definite vision for what sort of operating system could appeal to just those potential users.

00:01:07 News

Skype for Linux Alpha and calling on Chrome & Chromebooks
Skype finalizes its move to the cloud, ignores the elephant in the room
Feral Linux users should learn when to shut up

Microsoft Wins Major Privacy Victory for Data Held Overseas
Bulk data collection only lawful in serious crime cases, ECJ rules

Notice of security breach on Ubuntu Forums (again)
GNOME Maps Hits A Dead End, Can No Longer Display Maps

ownCloud Secures Financing and Expands its Management Team
About the future of Seafile
Statement about Stopping Cooperation with Seafile GmbH

SoftBank to buy UK’s Arm for £24.3bn

Android Nougat won’t boot your phone if its software is corrupt
Cyanogen Inc. reportedly fires OS development arm, switches to apps
The Superbook: Turn your smartphone into a laptop for $99

00:33:34 Filling the Void

With the FSF promoting their own rabid take on software freedom at one end of the spectrum, and the money-grubbing corporate lapdog that is the Linux Foundation at the other, is the FOSS/Open Source world in need of a sane, pragmatic voice in the middle to promote our shared goals and ideals?

00:53:58 Feedback

Thanks to Jim Salter for the PayPal donation, and to all of our Monthly Supporters for your continuing support. Thanks, guys!

Joe plugged his Twitter feed, on which he tweets fairly sporadically and eclectically.

Thanks to Stephen for putting us straight on Vietnamese pronunciation; and to Florian, for pointing us in the direction of a Crowd Supply project for the fully libre EOMA68 Computing Device.

Questioning whether telecoms ought to be treated as any other utility, Henry Sprog’s contribution prompted us to talk about whether access to communications technology really can be justified as a basic human right, as the United Nations seems to believe.

Jim Salter revisited the question of stale dependencies within dev-packaged software, which will no doubt become a frequently discussed topic as Flatpaks and Snaps become increasingly seen in the wild.

Comments from Ryan1729, Campbell Barton and Will prompted a little more discussion about Git, which dovetailed nicely with Rob Landley’s link to a talk about time-based released management. And we wrapped up with some positive points from Roger Light about DVCS’ and software quality.

01:11:15 Finding Solus with Ikey

So the pun doesn’t really work. But Solus itself seems to be shaping up to do so pretty well. We talked with Ikey Doherty about some of the longer term goals of the project, and how his vision had impacted some of his decisions about how to put an OS together.


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