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July 11, 2016

Episode #82

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00:01:24 News
00:43:11 Firejail
00:50:30 Feedback
01:03:06 SUSE Studio

Hitting it out of the park once again, the world’s best Linux podcast returns with the latest FOSS news, showcases an effective desktop and server sandboxing technology and talks self-build distro creation with SUSE Studio.

00:01:24 News

End of an era: Linux distributions will soon stop supporting 32-bit PCs
Ubuntu encourage developers to make apps convergent
The Next Generation Operating System on a Key
That Eye-Fi card you could have bought a year ago is going to stop working on September 16th
Amazon Prime will knock $50 off an Android phone if you look at Amazon’s lock-screen ads
Cracking Android’s full-disk encryption is easy on millions of phones – with a little patience
Google’s My Activity reveals just how much it knows about you
Facebook wins privacy case against Belgian data protection authority
Two clicks for more privacy
Under Mayer deal, Mozilla could walk away and still get more than $1 billion if it doesn’t like Yahoo’s buyer
Context Graph: It’s time to bring context back to the web
The Web We Have to Save

00:43:11 Firejail

Want to easily run existing applications in a secured environment? Firejail could be just what you’re looking for. To find out a little more, check out this article from Linux Magazine last year.

00:50:30 Feedback

As ever, thanks to our Monthly Supporters whose stalwart efforts really do keep the show on the road. And, as Joe suggested, if you can’t help us out financially at the moment you could make a real difference by telling somebody else about the show.

Some comments from Josh Scott prompted Joe to reiterate how we decide what technologies to cover on the show.

Will offered some thoughts on changes in packaging, and also pulled Jesse up on his view of Arch, whilst Christopher Wininger did the same to Paddy (and his ongoing suspicion of modern dev practices).

Nathan D Smith pitched in with some thoughts about Samsung’s acquisition of Joyent, and what that might mean for the non-Windows/Linux datacentre. Thanks, Nathan.

01:03:06 SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio is a web-based tool that’s straightforward enough to let most anyone build their own SUSE-based custom distro. Prompted by a request to look at the Studio-built GeckoLinux, we decided to see how we’d get on ourselves.


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