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June 27, 2016

Episode #81

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00:03:53 News
01:05:32 Devenir Gris
01:15:11 Feedback
01:32:14 ownCloud/Nextcloud

With the initial release of Nextcloud recently dropping, we took the opportunity to spin it up to see whether there were any major differences with the current ownCloud offering. Guess it depends if you count a colour branding change as major… And with one of your Luddites tossing aside such modern frippery, we also asked how much value colour actually adds to a productive computing experience?

00:03:53 News

Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle

Nextcloud releases ownCloud fork ahead of schedule
Introducing the Nextcloud bug bounty program
PayPal screws over Seafile, backtracks

Samsung enters the cloud fray with Joyent purchase
Samsung considers using Tizen in all products
Acer introduces a Remix OS-powered laptop

StartCom launches a new service – StartEncrypt
Let’s Encrypt passes the 5 million certificate mark
Defending Our Brand; Comodo backtracks

Google makes it much easier to use 2FA on your account

Gtk 4.0 is not Gtk 4
Gtk 5.0 is not Gtk 5

Fedora 24 released!

Adios apt and yum? Ubuntu’s snap apps are coming to distros everywhere
The universal application distribution mechanism?
On Snappy and Flatpak: business as usual in the Canonical propaganda department
Maintainers Matter
Announcing Flatpak – Next Generation Linux Applications

01:05:32 Devenir Gris

Do you worry about going grey as you get older? Paddy certainly doesn’t, and he’s dropped colour support from all of his regular computing devices — except, sadly, his main Linux desktop. So if anyone knows how to get a usable greyscale configuration working on his ThinkPad X200 with Xubuntu 14.04 and i915 drivers without resorting to hacks like running Compiz, he’ll be eternally grateful.

01:15:11 Feedback

Following Paddy’s gentle rant about the paucity of quality code out there in some projects, several listeners got in touch. Thanks to Campbell Barton, Will and Michael for your feedback.

And Will, along with Florian, clearly still hasn’t given up on Firefox. So thanks both for your thoughts there too.

01:32:14 ownCloud/Nextcloud

Having had our collective conscience pricked by listener Mike Tills, we thought we’d better have a look at the latest incarnation of ownCloud (and the initial release of Nextcloud) before slating this project any further.


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