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June 13, 2016

Episode #80

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00:04:38 News
00:54:32 Feedback
01:06:18 Devil’s Advocate
01:18:32 Net Neutrality Feedback

Following a spin around the latest news stories and a rummage through our postbag, Paddy played the role of Devil’s Advocate to suggest that maybe some features typical of FOSS development result in lower code quality, and have led to a blind acceptance of that as the norm. We rounded off with your take on our recent Net Neutrality debate, which teased out some of the nuances we didn’t hit the first time around.

00:04:38 News

Announcing the ownCloud Foundation
We are Nextcloud – the future of private file sync and share
Nextcloud is the future of open source file sync and share
ownCloud Statement concerning the formation of Nextcloud by Frank Karlitschek

New versions of Firefox prepare for its biggest change ever
Get ready for Google’s proprietary Android. It’s coming – analyst
The app boom is over
Mobile Ad Blockers Have Reached Scary Proportions: The Wrecking Ball of the Free Internet

BBC Micro:bit computer now available to all for £13

Investigatory Powers Bill passes through Commons after Labour backs Tory spy law

These big-name laptops are infested with security bugs – study
Tmux support arrives for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

The Number Of Linux Games Has More Than Quadrupled In The Past Two Years
Seven months later, Valve’s Steam Machines look dead in the water

Mozilla will fund code audits for open source software

00:54:32 Feedback

A huge thank you to Alternative Armies Southwest for joining the ranks of our Monthly Supporters, and to all of the existing members of this exclusive band. You guys keep the show solvent and on the rails.

Félim Whiteley got in touch to bemoan the horrors of the system update process on Windows, whilst Martyn and Will had some thoughts about our recent piece on Cryptomator.

Popey chipped in on the trustworthiness of crowdfunding platforms and, along with Keith Zubot-Gephart, to praise the Android integration available with Pebble smartwatches. And Joe would again like to thank Paul Gleeson for gifting him one of the original Pebbles.

01:06:18 Devil’s Advocate

With seemingly never-ending incremental updates being built in the open, and contributions of varying quality, is it any wonder that sometimes FOSS projects don’t produce ideal code? Paddy is pissed at constantly hearing that “all code has bugs”, and wondered if our development processes haven’t contributed to normalising this phrase as an unassailable statement of fact, rather than being a state of affairs to regret.

01:18:32 Net Neutrality Feedback

Boy, did we get a lot of feedback after our recent discussion about Net Neutrality. Apologies if you didn’t get a shout-out, but there was only so much that we could cover. Thanks to Stephen, Eric, Dridi Boukelmoune, Félim and Will for your thoughts, and to everybody else who contributed.


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