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May 30, 2016

Episode #79

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00:01:43 News
01:05:22 Cryptomator
01:16:28 Feedback
01:31:58 Net Neutrality

Securing documents on the public cloud can seem a little overwhelming for the non-technical user, but is just what Cryptomator promises. We spin it up to see if it delivers. Plus, as well as all the latest news and your feedback, we dive into the contentious topic of Net Neutrality.

00:01:43 News

Here’s Everything You Missed During Google I/O [Part 1 – Developers]
Here’s Everything You Missed During Google I/O [Part 2 – Users]
Google I/O 2016: Android’s failure to innovate hands Apple free run at WWDC

Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US
The Play Store comes to Chrome OS, but not the way we were expecting
Older Chromebooks, including the original Pixel, won’t run Android apps

Samsung is done with Android Wear watches, says Tizen is the future
Newest challenger to iOS and Android software dies before leaving the gate

Google to bring official Android support to the Raspberry Pi 3
Google Steps Up Pressure on Partners Tardy in Updating Android

Google beats Oracle—Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs
Why the Very Silly Oracle v. Google Trial Actually Matters
How Oracle made its case against Google, in pictures

The Truth about Linux 4.6
MITRE fighter says CVE delays are no laughing matter, names bug ROFL in branding protest
Canary Watch – One Year Later

Purism introduces privacy-focused, Linux tablets for $599 and up
Petition for Intel to Release an ME-less CPU design
Indiegogo improves crowdfunding with a stamp of approval for hardware projects

Sailfish Community Device Program
Introducing Mycroft Core

01:05:22 Cryptomator

How can you go about securing your data when its stored on the public cloud? Paddy uses a combination of EncFS and GPG for his documents on Dropbox and Drive, but such solutions may be a little beyond the non-technical user. Could this be where the MIT licensed Cryptomator steps in?

01:16:28 Feedback

Aaronb got in touch regarding Debian’s dropping of support for older CPUs, and wondered if chips of that vintage would be able to cope with today’s bloated webpages anyway?

What happens when an update that causes boot issues goes undetected because we only infrequently reboot our boxes? Having been bitten by just such a problem, Ian Barton wondered if maybe we should be rebooting more frequently?

Robert Horn wrote in to question why such a fuss has been made about Ubuntu on Windows, and to ask why it’s really much different from Cygwin. And Floyd Wallace tried to make the case for a Linux desktop winning out over a Windows one.

01:31:58 Net Neutrality

Is Net Neutrality something to cherish and fight to protect, or simply a mythical state of affairs that never existed and would be detrimental if it did? Your Luddites have differing opinions.


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