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May 16, 2016

Episode #78

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00:01:04 News
00:45:04 Antergos
01:00:26 Feedback
01:15:00 Mycroft

This show Jesse admitted that an Arch-based distro had won him over, and we talked AI with Ryan Sipes from the Mycroft project.

00:01:04 News

Announcing The Journal of Open Source Software
Parsey McParseface engine goes Open Source

Subsonic goes closed source

Extreme photo-bombing: Bad ImageMagick bug puts countless websites at risk of hijacking
SourceClear Launches Free Security Product for Development Teams Building With Open-Source Libraries and Frameworks

Adblock Plus passes 100 million active users
Adblock Plus and Flattr’s new project will let users automatically donate money to websites
Pirate Bay Founder Aims to Disrupt Online Advertising Industry

Debian i386 architecture now requires a 686-class processor
Changes in release management
How Ubuntu Plans To Make Scopes Much Better

Android’s security patch quagmire probed by US watchdogs
Remix Mini loses Google apps in latest OS update

You Can Help Build the Future of Firefox with the New Test Pilot Program
Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS): Now Open To All Projects
DuckDuckGo: Our 2016 Open Source Donations

Italian City Vicenza Is Replacing Windows by Zorin OS Linux
Italian military to save 26-29 million Euro by migrating to LibreOffice

00:45:04 Antergos

Jesse talked to Joe about his first impressions of the Arch-based Antergos — which were apparently quite positive, as he’s still using it.

01:00:26 Feedback

A huge thank you to Per Andersson for the PayPal donation, and to our stalwart Monthly Supporters. The show simply wouldn’t be possible without you guys, so thank you!

Cory Pollard wondered if anybody could suggest an open source Chromecast syncing solution? Joe mentioned Videostream, but we believe that this is proprietary. Anyone?

On Ubuntu, and our less than stellar impressions of 16.04, Christopher Davis and Thomas MacCallum respectfully disagreed. Florian talked up the perceived benefits of ZFS, whilst Mark related a poor experience with Lubuntu 16.04. Rounding things off, Jason Smith pointed out that Ubuntu on Windows may well turn out to be a far bigger thing than many in the FOSS world are caring to admit.

01:15:00 Mycroft — Ryan Sipes Interview

We chatted with Ryan Sipes, CTO at Mycroft AI, about the current status of the project, and how their plans to open source key aspects of Mycroft are shaping up. Ryan’s enthusiasm is quite contagious, and we look forward to having him back on the show in a few months’ time to bring us a further update. Meantime, if you’d like to contribute to the Open Speech To Text project that was mentioned, head on over to OpenSTT.


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