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May 2, 2016

Episode #77

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00:01:05 News
00:57:14 Feedback
01:10:04 Ubuntu 16.04

Following the most underwhelming release any of us can recall, what to make of Canonical’s latest LTS and the future prospects for Ubuntu on the desktop? Stick with us after our usual foray into the fortnight’s tech news, and your feedback, to find out.

00:01:05 News

AMD strikes chip licensing deal, which could create more x86 rivals for Intel
AMD Climbs Most in 35 Years on China Chip License Agreement

Intel Announces Major Workforce Restructuring: 11% of Workforce to Be Cut Over Next Year
Intel made a huge mistake 10 years ago. Now 12,000 workers are paying the price.
Intel declares independence from the PC as it lays out a broader 5-point strategy
Intel is killing off low-power Atom chips
Intel Proposes to Use USB Type-C Digital Audio Technology

Pipo and Vensmile pack desktop PCs into folding keyboards
Mad scientist shrinks Arduino to size of an AA battery
Intel Open Sources Arduino 101 Real Time OS

IDC: Tablet shipments decline for sixth straight quarter, leaders Apple and Samsung still losing market share
IDC: Smartphone shipments flat for the first time; Samsung widens lead over Apple in Q1 2016

Google says the fundamentals of Android security are stronger than ever
Europe files formal antitrust charges against Google over Android
European Commission – Fact Sheet
EC Statement of Objections on Google’s Tactics in Mobile
Google Play Store may be coming to Chrome OS, with a million Android apps in tow
How long until we see Google Play on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux?

Opera bakes a free, unlimited VPN directly into its desktop browser
Opera browser’s free built-in VPN vulnerable to major security flaw

Firefox 46 released
Finding a home for Thunderbird (460KB PDF)

big changes: I am leaving ownCloud, Inc. today
GitLab-Digital Ocean partnership to provide free hosting for continuous online code testing

00:57:14 Feedback

A huge thank you to Riley Brandt for becoming our latest Monthly Supporter, and to everybody else, whose contributions keep this show on the road!

And if you simply can’t get enough of the dulcet tones of one of your Luddites, Joe took the opportunity to plug both The Pi Podcast and his personal show.

Brendan Eich’s latest money-making wheeze came in for some stick, with both Roger and Luddite Fan criticising the Brave browser initiative we discussed last show. And both also offered views on the inclusion of ZFS within Ubuntu 16.04 — thanks, guys.

Dennis thought that we’d perhaps still been a little harsh about Syncthing (it does work, after all).

And Will and John O’Brien got in touch regarding the big WhatsApp encryption news, with John also pointing us towards a FOSS implementation of a messenger using the Signal protocol, which we’ll be keeping an eye on as it develops.

01:10:04 Ubuntu 16.04

Our most scathing comments ended up on the cutting room floor, so what aired was a pretty mild take on the state of Ubuntu in comparison to how we feel. If we can make the effort to produce something at least positive in parts, why can’t Canonical?


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