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March 21, 2016

Episode #74

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00:01:03 News
01:00:05 Feedback
01:20:13 Jonathan Riddell Interview

The KDE project has delivered several exciting new technologies over the last few months, so we thought it high time we spoke to somebody intimately involved to find out more. Our interview with Jonathan Riddell follows a full and varied news segment, your feedback, and the announcement of a new UK FOSS event.

00:01:03 News

Expanding the Dell Portfolio of Ubuntu Laptops and Workstations
After 0 successful submissions, Google doubles top reward for hacking a Chromebook to $100,000
Chromecast takes 35% of the 42 million unit Global Digital Media Streamer Market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics

Running a mainline kernel on a cellphone or other mobile device looks a lot closer now
Millions of Android devices vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit

BBC micro:bit review: The free Raspberry Pi rival every kid will love
WD Labs, Raspberry Pi, ownCloud and Ubuntu
9.0 is the biggest ownCloud release so far
Yet Another Reason Why Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Will Rock
ProtonMail, the Easy-to-Use Encrypted Email Service, Opens Up to the Public
A preliminary analysis of High Priority Projects feedback

Let’s Encrypt: New Name, New Home for the Client
Let’s Encrypt: Our Millionth Certificate (and not just by cannibalising existing CAs)
A WebAssembly Milestone: Experimental Support in Multiple Browsers

Announcing SQL Server on Linux
Microsoft integrates Visual Studio with open-source Eclipse IDE
Microsoft submits new open-sourced networking components to Open Compute Project

01:00:05 Feedback

A huge thank you to Robert H Nunnally Jr for the PayPal donation, and to Amateur Zen Trading Company and Joseph Aczel for joining our trusty band of Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

We announced FOSS Talk Live 2016, a new — but hopefully to become regular — fixture on the UK FOSS calendar. The website has full details, but if you can make it down to London on the evening of Saturday 6th August, you’ll have the opportunity to meet not only the three Luddites, but also the Linux Voice guys, the team behind the Ubuntu Podcast and also Stuart Langridge and Dave MegaSlippers, drink copious amounts of beer, and gently mock us as we try to podcast from the confines of a pub. It promises — one way or another — to be a night to remember!

Following our recent look at Tiny Core, John got in touch to let us know that it made a great OS for a router he lashed together using an old PC and a couple of NICs.

Moving on to convergence, Will suggested that docks might once again become ubiquitous as convergence takes off, and your Luddites talked around the topic a little (with Paddy self-consciously failing to mention the only mobile dock that he owns!)

Over on Twitter, Robert Orzanna brought us back to the topic of web advertising. Paddy mentioned a thoughtful blog post from Peter-Paul Koch, and we also touched upon Opera’s introduction of native ad-blocking. This topic will run and run…

01:20:13 Jonathan Riddell Interview

Joe and Paddy recently caught up with Jonathan Riddell, and talked about some of the exciting project coming out of KDE, including Neon, Plasma Mobile, KDEConnect and Shashlik. A huge thank you to Jonathan for again finding time to spend with us.


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