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March 7, 2016

Episode #73

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0:01:14 News
0:54:30 Raspberry Pi 3
1:09:56 Feedback
1:15:53 Tiny Core 7

With MWC over for another year, we kicked off the news with a quick recap of the highlights from Barcelona, before contemplating the Mint debacle and explaining how the ZFS licensing issue has split community opinion.

Joe was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on the new Raspberry Pi 3 from Eben Upton himself, and reported back following his visit to Pi Towers. And we wrapped up the show by taking the new release of Tiny Core Linux for a spin.

0:01:14 News

The most powerful Ubuntu phone is still not good enough
…but some people have been wowed by the demonstration of convergence
Intel Atom X3: $ 100 smartphone offers ‘Continuum’ with Android & Debian Linux

Android-x86 Officially Hooks Up With Remix OS Company
Jolla unveils new Sailfish OS smartphone, partnerships
Cyanogen mods let developers build what Google won’t allow

Microsoft confirms: Android-on-Windows Astoria tech is gone
Microsoft at last buys .NET-for-iOS, Android vendor Xamarin
Miguel de Icaza and his ostracization from FOSS

Linux Mint Forum Database Compromised for at Least a Month Before Announcement
Monthly News – February 2016
Why the Linux Mint hack is an indicator of a larger problem

GPL Violations Related to Combining ZFS and Linux
The Linux Kernel, CDDL and Related Issues

Beep Beep Yarr! failed to reach funding goal
BBC iPlayer ‘loophole’ to be closed soon, says culture secretary

ARM Announces Cortex-A32 IoT and Embedded Processor
Low cost add-on boards let Pi Zero do robotics

0:54:30 Raspberry Pi 3

With the Raspberry Pi 3 still embargoed but nearing launch, Joe recently visited the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s headquarters for a sneak behind the scenes look. Whilst you can hear his exclusive interview with Eben Upton on the latest Pi Podcast, this show we talked about his first impressions now that the device has officially launched.

1:09:56 Feedback

A huge thank you to Martin M Pedersen and C. Barnett for your PayPal donations, and to all of our regular Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

Although we’re not directly paid to do so, we periodically sing the praises of Digital Ocean on the show. They really do offer a fantastic value for money VPS service, and if you sign up using our affiliate link we get a little kick-back down the road. So why not help us out by trying a service we know and love ourselves?

We also brought you the rather sad news that OggCamp will likely not be happening this year, unless some community members step up and help out. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.

1:15:53 Tiny Core 7

Tiny Core Linux achieves exactly what it sets out to do. But it’s a bit of a strange beast, and the big question is probably how widely the goals of this Meccano-like distro resonate with the typical Linux desktop user?


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