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February 8, 2016

Episode #71

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0:01:12 News
0:40:24 Beep Beep Yarr!
0:51:30 Feedback
1:04:42 Tails 2.0

Kicking off with a bevy of Linux desktop news stories, we also talked containers and mobile before Joe came over all Captain Pugwash with Graham Morrison from the good ship Linux Voice. Then, after your feedback, we each grabbed the requisite two USB flash drives and took the new version of Tails for a spin.

0:01:12 News

Linux Mint X-Apps
The first two X-Apps are ready
adapt install [anything]
Jonathan Riddell launched KDE Neon at FOSDEM
New Ubuntu Tablet: Everything You Need to Know

Some change is progress with LibreOffice menus

Counterpoint: India becomes world’s second-largest smartphone market, surpasses US
Apple, Samsung Lead Smartphone Race, China’s Huawei Records Largest Growth In Shipments: IDC
Why do profit-seeking companies keep making profitless Android phones?
Report: Google wants to take “Apple-like” control over Nexus devices

Google Glass exits all social media channels, signaling imminent rebranding
Google says 5 million Cardboard VR headsets have shipped so far

No More Deceptive Download Buttons
SourceForge and Slashdot Have Been Sold

CoreOS’s rkt Container Engine Hits 1.0
Microcontainers:’s New Hack to Shrink Docker Containers
Docker Official Images are Moving to Alpine Linux

Mozilla to end Firefox OS smartphone support after version 2.6, no staff involvement beyond May
Firefox quietly dumps privacy feature
Jolla Tablet: Aiming for Closure
What the hell is the Turing Phone doing? Drops Android for Sailfish OS (keeps Play Store)

0:40:24 Beep Beep Yarr!

Joe spoke to Graham Morrison from Linux Voice magazine about Beep Beep Yarr!, a crowd-funded book that the LV team hope will help introduce children to the world of computer programming.

Graham mentioned the old Usborne spy books during the interview, but if your nostalgia is more for their 1980s coding books then you’d probably like to know that several are now available on-line totally legally.

0:51:30 Feedback

A huge thank you to Tony Rein for his PayPal donation, and to Martin Wimpress and Tom Ostringall for becoming Monthly Supporters.

Joe’s ongoing browser torment evoked feedback from Joel Tomfhor, Jeremy, Will and Nigel Green. Thanks for the input, guys.

Twisted Lucidity got in touch to largely echo our sentiments about Google’s AMP initiative, and also to point us towards the text version of what looks to have been a great talk about “The Website Obesity Crisis“.

Peter Kidd contacted us to contrast his usage of Google Drive and Dropbox, which coincidentally closely mirrors how Paddy uses those services.

Returning to the topic of ad-blocking software, Robert Orzanna flagged up Stands, which allows you to decide which ads from worthwhile organisations actually get shown to you.

We wrapped things up with another comment from Nigel Green, this time in response to our segment on ReactOS and whether there’s a place for proprietary software on the Linux desktop. Thanks Nigel, and to everybody else who took the time to get in touch.

1:04:42 Tails 2.0

Tails version 2 was recently released and, with it boasting several new features, we thought it well worth revisiting. If you can get past the slightly off-putting installation process, you’ll find Tails a really solid and well put together privacy-focused distro.


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