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January 30, 2014

Episode #7

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DoudouLinux – Slackware – to GPL or not to GPL


CES: Intel Edison and lots of pointless Internet of Things devices

More than 750,000 Phishing and SPAM emails Launched from “Thingbots” Including Televisions, Fridge

GNOME currently standing at 46k open bugs, and Google find 1k bugs in FFmpeg

Red Hat/CentOS tie up

W3Techs announce Ubuntu: Web OS of the year

No major carrier support for Ubuntu phones in 2014

Tizen devices finally arriving in the next couple of months

Brief EncFS audit throws up several issues

Three interesting videos from 2014: Dirk Hohndel about GTK vs Qt, a great sales pitch on the technical merits of systemd, and Lennart on kdbus – the next piece of PoetteringOS (video, slides)

First Impressions

Last time the DistroWatch random button gave Paddy DoudouLinux. Not only was he quite impressed with it, but so was his daughter (which is the point). Next show, Joe will be taking a look at Musix GNU+Linux.

Feedback & Flattrs

A huge thank you for the flattrs from mansdell and an anonymous donor. If anyone else would like to help us out, you can click this link to flattr us.

Rob Mackenzie got in touch asking for assistance with a USB dial-up modem.

Steven Rosenberg dropped us a line regarding community, and his thoughts on the ‘First Impressions’ segment. He also flagged up an issue that can occur when key packages are not maintained by distros themselves, but are only available via third-party repos.

Lieschen Mueller sent a link to a nice write-up of the 30C3.

Following our news item about hacking SD cards last show, nadrimajstor linked to a video about hacking hard drives. Thinking about Joe’s grumbles about phones without QWERTY keyboards, he also pointed us towards a project looking to produce one.

Jack Dennahower wrote to us about touch interfaces, and to let us know that his tablet purchase hasn’t yet occurred – he’s promised us a review when it finally happens!

David Williamson followed up on Paddy’s comments about still having a PC with MS Office on it by sending links and information about the paid and free versions of SoftMaker Office – thanks, David. He also pointed out that the word ‘leadite’ is sometimes used in the USA in place of ‘luddite’, and suggested that we perform some SEO around the term ‘Linux Leadites’.

Bill in Michigan mailed us with some very good points about system and application user unfriendliness, citing GRUB as a specific example (talk about shooting fish in a barrel, Bill!)

James Seymour wrote to us about Google Takeout, and Caolan McMahon gave us some nice feedback. Thanks, both.

Rufus gave us some further information about the iOS trust issue previously talked about on the show, and linked to the relevant Launchpad bug report.

wub also talked about community, and suggested we think about some mechanism for aggregating comments on our MP3 and Ogg feeds. We’re thinking about it!

Chris took Joe somewhat to task over his use of UNetbootin.

Tzafrir Cohen sent us a link to a presentation about Doudou Linux, made some comments on the ‘what is a distro?’ question, and asked how ‘package bundles’ could work when the linked libraries are frequently updated with bug fixes.

Charlie Ogier dropped us a line about a strange and difficult to reproduce bug in Chromium.

Following on from our comments last show about Fedora, Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér suggested that Korora might answer some of our criticisms.

By far the longest response we had to the Fedora piece was a thoughtful website comment from Scott Dowdle, which is well worth reading in full. Additionally, Rex Dieter provided a link to back up one of Scott’s main points. Joe and I tried to pick out and address the salient points of Scott’s post in the show.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to get in touch – it really does mean a lot to us both.

Slackware and Friends

We had a look at Slackware, the longest surviving actively developed Linux distro, and several distros that utilise Slackware as a base. Joe cast an unhappy eye over Porteus, and a marginally happier one over Zenwalk. Paddy was frustrated by the UX and general aesthetics of VectorLinux, and really wanted to rave about Salix, but couldn’t quite.

Over a Pint

The inevitable license discussion finally occurred.

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