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December 13, 2015

Episode #66

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0:01:28 News
0:39:00 Over a Pint: Saving Mozilla

It’s long been clear that Mozilla’s management don’t understand the real potential value of the organisation. So stay with us after the news to hear us pick apart some of the recent developments at Mozilla, and to find out how they could become an influential and powerful force for good in the Internet age. Or they could ignore us, and continue on their current path towards total irrelevance and obscurity.

0:01:28 News

Debian GNU/Linux Is Latest Open Source Option on Microsoft Azure Cloud
Not a typo: ​Microsoft is offering a Linux certification
Linux Foundation and Microsoft: A Great Start to a Great Partnership

Free HTTPS certs for all – Let’s Encrypt opens doors to world+dog
Let’s Encrypt May Improve Security for Regular People More Than Any Other Initiative This Decade
Hacker News thread

PHP 7 Released
Infosec bods rate app languages; find Java ‘king’, put PHP in bin

Google launches new interactive interstitial ads and in-ad game tryouts
Google will retire Chrome support for 32-bit Linux, Ubuntu Precise, and Debian 7 in March 2016

Google’s Chromebooks make up half of US classroom devices
EFF complaint says Google broke privacy pledge by tracking students
Google fights back against EFF claims that it’s probing kids’ privacy

0:39:00 Over a Pint: Saving Mozilla

Mozilla is a dying organisation. Relatively cash rich, but without any apparent self-awareness of what it is that makes many of us still value them, they continue to tilt at windmills and fritter away two key assets: their war chest, and our goodwill.

Consider this less of an Over a Pint, and more of an intervention.


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