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December 6, 2015

Episode #65

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0:00:58 RPi Ubuntu MATE
0:21:12 Feedback
0:44:09 BunsenLabs Linux

With over a thousand downloads every day, Ubuntu MATE continues to be a strong performer on the Raspberry Pi. Joe and Jesse span up 15.10 to report on what’s new in the recent release. After your feedback we looked at BunsenLabs, the anointed successor to the sadly missed CrunchBang.

0:00:58 RPi Ubuntu MATE

With Raspbian increasingly suffering from middle-aged spread, Joe and Jesse took at a look at a distro which ekes out more life from all those 4GB SD Cards you have laying around.

0:21:12 Feedback

Our huge thanks go out to John Hanks, who became a new Monthly Supporter. Without advertising, it’s all of you guys that keep our heads above water, and the show on the road. Thanks again to our regular donors.

0xf10e, Joel Wooten and Steve Brusell all chipped in with thoughts on menus and searching for software. And whilst it’s probably already familiar to anybody who also has to use Windows in addition to Linux, here’s a link to Classic Shell which includes the sanity-saving Classic Start Menu.

On funding, 0xf10e thought that crowd-funding might be useful for helping projects get over that tricky initial release. Rob Landley pointed out how few people really do actively contribute to, as opposed to merely consume, free software projects. But Rob also noted that even with these small numbers, nowadays somebody like Linus Torvalds could probably be supported purely via this means of public funding.

Nathan D. Smith got in touch to sing the praises of Tarsnap, whose strapline is “Online backups for the truly paranoid”. And staying with paranoia — or is it realism? — the Manchester Open Rights Group suggested that the reason services like Tor weren’t explicitly mentioned in the UK Government’s Draft Investigatory Powers Bill is because useful attack surfaces already exist.

Our recent interview with Lukas F. Hartmann garnered thoughtful praise from Charles Stell; whilst Twisted Lucidity got in touch not to praise Microsoft, but to bury them ;)

We wrapped up with a couple of thoughts from Henry Sprog and Russell Dickenson on the topic of hosting Open Conferences.

0:44:09 BunsenLabs Linux

With the demise of CrunchBang, several projects span into life that attempted to keep the ethos of that distro alive. But BunsenLabs was the one that got the nod of approval from corenominal — the developer behind CrunchBang — who has gone so far as redirecting traffic from his old site to theirs.


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