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November 29, 2015

Episode #64

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0:02:42 News
0:47:27 Over a Pint

Is desktop Linux boring? And would it be such a bad thing if it was? We settle down over a pint to discuss this later in the show. Before that, we’ve a packed news section that touches more bases than Charlie Sheen.

0:02:42 News

Tough times for Jolla
Open letter to Jolla community: through the tough times

Trouble on Kickstarter as two massive projects hit the rocks

Linux-Powered C.H.I.P. Tiny SBC Will be the World’s First $8 Computer
Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 Computer
A Tour of the Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero — Power Measurements

30 years of Windows: 10 milestones that changed the face of computing
Microsoft Fails to Deliver Tool for Bringing Android Apps to Windows

Microsoft makes Raspberry Pi its preferred IoT dev board
Google Releases Brillo Source Code

Google Play Store in 2016 will tell you whether any app has ads
Teens can’t tell the difference between Google ads and search results

Google App Streaming: A Big Move In Building “The Web Of Apps”

Ubuntu Desktop with Unity 8 to Handle Background Apps and File Access Differently
If it’s not practical to redistribute free software, it’s not free software in practice

Software Freedom needs your help
Mozilla annual report shows risky Google dependency now risky Yahoo! dependency Gets a New Face and Joins the JavaScript Age
NodeOS nears 1.0 in its quest for a 100% JavaScript OS

0:47:27 Over a Pint

Is desktop Linux boring? If so, is it a good thing that it’s boring?

It doesn’t matter whether you like new and flashy interfaces like Unity or tried and tested ones like MATE, Xfce, LXDE or Cinnamon; they are all mature at this point and do what they do (reasonably) well. Even a new user can be up and running after a rainy afternoon’s research and tinkering. There’s very little challenge unless you specifically go looking for one with Arch or Gentoo.

Your Luddites chewed over whether this is an idea that the FOSS community should be actively promoting, or whether we should be chasing new and exciting things like convergence?


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