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November 22, 2015

Episode #63

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0:08:09 Off the Beaten Path
0:20:35 Feedback
0:38:52 First Impressions

After kicking off by talking about a tool likely of interest to anyone dealing with MySQL and MariaDB database management, we moved on to your feedback. We rounded things off with a look at VeltOS, a distro that promises more community involvement than most.

0:08:09 Off the Beaten Path

Paddy introduced mycli, a drop-in replacement for the MySQL and MariaDB command line clients that offers auto-completion, syntax highlighting, configurable key bindings and more. The development of mycli is notable for having been funded via a Kickstarter campaign, and we chewed over whether other projects might have success following the same path.

0:20:35 Feedback

A huge thank you to John Stoume, Richard Thompson, Gary Williams and Tom Hardy for your PayPal donations. And to Martin Petersen, Nick Santini, eldirco and Iain Simpson for joining the ranks of our Monthly Supporters, and to johanv for the Flattr. Really, guys, thanks a bunch.

We recently gave away a ticket to OSCON, and were pleased to hear back from Andy Mitchell (the lucky recipient) about his experience there. Pleased you enjoyed it, Andy!

Following the dismissal last show of optical media as an effective archive medium, CountZero got in touch to help put the record straight.

Thanks to Harry Myhre and Iain Simpson for their additional thoughts about the staging of FOSS events. And to Keith Zubot-Gephart, who brought up some aspects of SailfishOS that we hadn’t really considered during our brief review.

Finally, we heard from John Hanks and Nathan D. Smith following our news item last show about High Performance Computing.

0:38:52 First Impressions

We don’t tend to review pre-release software for obvious reasons. But some of the decision making around VeltOS got us sufficiently intrigued to take an early peek.


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