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January 30, 2014

Episode #6

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ALT Linux – Fedora 20 – 2014 predictions


First official, preloaded, CyanogenMod phone released.

No GNOME release for Ubuntu 14.04?

Chromebooks romping away at the tills, as manufacturers stung by lack of uptake of Windows 8 prepare to launch PC/Android chimeras at CES.

Developers seem to have little love for GNU Hurd.

First stable release of Hawaii, a Qt5/Wayland powered desktop.

DigitalOcean have an awful lot of Ubuntu installs.

30th Chaos Communication Congress (30C3) presentations now available online. Paddy mentioned the talk by Jacob Appelbaum (first section is a tad dull, skip to ~40 mins in), one on X security, and one about hacking SD cards. Paddy also flagged up an older talk by Daniel Stone about Wayland and X which is required viewing for anyone interested in understanding why X should die.

First Impressions

Joe looked at ALT Linux. Next show Paddy will be reporting back on DoudouLinux.


Thorsen asked why Paddy was suspicious of DuckDuckGo.

Scott Dowdle pointed out something about Clonezilla that we should have mentioned last show, and attempted to sell Paddy on systemd.

Following our discussion around password management, both Daniel Biskup and Bob Groeneveld wrote to us about SQRL.

Kenneth Burling shared his thoughts on the question of “what is a distro?”

Brian Hall told us about his move from CrunchBang to SolydXK, and offered some thoughts about the Linux Mint/Ubuntu relationship.

Morten made some points about openSUSE; as did Vince P, who also cannily plugged his own distro, Chapeau. If you are after a Fedora that actually works, this could be well worth a look.

Jack Dennahower gave us some more thoughts on the keyboard/mouse/touchscreen debate. He also expressed an interest in hearing our opinions on some of the more mainstream distros.

Michael T wondered if we could look at IPFire.

Fred Sutton said some very nice things – thanks, Fred. Also thanks to everyone on Twitter, with special mentions to: Paddy Dempster, who recommended that we get some guests on the show, Mintspider and Henson Sturgill for helping to promote us, Rob Mackenzie for his usual abundance of correspondence, and Jon Lambdin for recommending Joe some podcasts (including our own ;).

Ian Barton and Paddy had an email exchange about the server setup posts that Paddy has started writing, and PatrickD and Andy Jesse said some nice things about them – thanks, guys.

A look at Fedora 20

We had a look at Fedora 20, and Paddy had a bit of a rant about Red Hat.

Over a Pint

Following our last show, Morten gave us some thoughts about life after XP. He also made a really good point about the relative lack of companies providing professional Linux support, other than Red Hat and Novell. Where are the guys looking after Debian for small/medium sized businesses?

This show we talked around some of issues relating to packaging and portable applications. Although many workable solutions have been created in the past, that’s never stopped some folks from trying to reinvent the wheel…

2014 predictions

We made a few. Probably best not to document them here, to save our future embarrassment when we’re proved completely wrong!

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