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October 4, 2015

Episode #56

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0:01:11 openSuse Tumbleweed
0:32:48 Feedback
0:53:36 OSCON interview

This week Jesse and Joe have a good look at Tumbleweed – the rolling release of openSuse, go through your feedback and then speak to Rachel Roumeliotis, the co-chair of OSCON, an Open Source conference put on by O’Reilly Media. Be sure to listen to the end of the show because we have a valuable giveaway that you won’t want to miss.

0:01:11   openSuse Tumbleweed

Jesse has been keen for us to look at the rolling release of openSuse for quite a while now. What did we make of it?

0:34:48   Feedback

A huge thank you to Marshall Mason for your PayPal donation, New monthly supporters Jezra and Ian Kelling, all of our monthly supporters and marmai and Rolf Riis Bjørnsen for Flattring us. Also Ian Kelling sent us a Bitcoin donation. Many thanks for that. Is anyone else interested in using Bitcoin to support us? We’d love to know if you are.

Steve Leach questioned our use of “app” to describe Flavio Tordini’s three programs and wondered if it was as interchangeable for software on our PCs in the UK.

Ivor O’Connor wondered why the ability to save videos has has been removed in Minitube and asked if we would cover ways of downloading videos from YouTube. Joe suggested youtube-dl.

Keith Z-G and Helam Sirrine made some excellent points about old and new software.

Aaronb outlined how Chromixium has improved his wife’s laptop and Martin Wimpress suggested that we have a look at Chromium OS.

Jodie Mac pointed us towards an alternative to website paywalls. Alex, Brian Ackroyd and Floyd Wallace also shared their thoughts the subject.

Alan Kerns, linmob and Florian all got in touch regarding the topic of free speech in Germany.

Nathan D Smith was fairly positive about gaming on Linux while pypi and reint both suggested Unison as a solution to Paddy and Jesse’s bidirectional syncing problem.

Matthew Beaven asked the developers of the Mycroft project if the server code would be open source as well, and thought their response might be useful to our coverage of the project.

Rob Landley left a fairly detailed comment on show #53 about the history of Microsoft’s antitrust cases that’s well worth a read.

0:53:36   Rachel Roumeliotis interview (OSCON)

We spoke to Rachel Roumeliotis about OSCON which is happening on 26–28 October 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Giveaway: You can win a free pass to OSCON! All you have to do is email us with with the subject “OSCON pass”. We’ll pick one person at random. Please only do so if you can make your own way to Amsterdam between 26-28 October 2015. The closing date is midnight UK time on 17th October. We’ll email the winner back on the 18th October.

If you don’t win, you can get 25% off a pass with the code LINUX25.


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