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September 27, 2015

Episode #55

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0:04:52 News
0:51:27 Linux Advocates

Paddy is taking a month long break from the show but don’t worry, he’ll be back. In the meantime we’ll have a couple of guest hosts filling in. The first is Pete Cannon of TDTRS fame.

In this episode we discuss a plethora of news including some FOSS wins, Amazon’s ridiculously cheap tablet, Android security woes, BBC micro:bit delays and a bit of a non-story about Microsoft. Then we discuss FOSS advocacy over a pint. We ask how we can get more people using Linux and Open Source.

0:00:45   Intro
We explain why Paddy isn’t here and we hear a bit about Pete and his old(?) podcast The Dick Turpin Roadshow (Note that they used to swear a fair bit so it’s NSFW)

0:04:52   News

International FOSS wins
Italian military to switch to LibreOffice and ODF
Indian Govt To Launch Own Operating System Named BOSS To Replace Microsoft Windows
Ubuntu Linux-Based Open Source OS Runs 42 Percent of Dell PCs in China
Cuba’s National Ubuntu-Based GNU/Linux OS to Get a Gorgeous Lightweight Edition
Netherlands Fighting to Replace Microsoft’s OpenXML with ODF

Amazon Announces Its New $50 Fire Tablet (With $250 6-Pack Option)
Google further spreads Android One love to European customers
New Android lockscreen hack gives attackers full access to locked devices
Google’s own researchers challenge key Android security talking point
Fairphone ‘Exploring’ Switch to Ubuntu Touch

BBC says Micro Bit rollout will be delayed
It Only Took GM Five Years To Patch Dangerous Vulnerability Impacting Millions Of Automobiles
Mycroft seeks full time developer

Odds and ends
GNOME 3.18 Released: Brings Big Improvements
Microsoft has developed its own Linux

Have a listen to #systemau (but do keep in mind that they swear a fair bit so it’s NSFW). In Joe’s opinion it’s the spiritual successor to Linux Outlaws.

0:51:27   Linux Advocates

Prompted by Pete’s post on G+ and the subsequent discussion, as advocates for FOSS and Linux, what are we doing wrong and what are we doing right? Are we just preaching to the choir?


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