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September 13, 2015

Episode #53

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0:02:05 News
0:48:04 Paying for the Web

Although moving to a weekly show has gone down well, we feel that the shorter format hasn’t been too kind to our comprehensive news coverage – a signature feature of the podcast, and something many of you loved. So we’re back on track this week, with over 45 minutes of the latest news from around the FOSS world. And is there any practical alternative to the scourge of advertising for funding on-line content? Let us know your thoughts, after hearing ours.

0:02:05   News

Births & Deaths
Open-source typeface “Hack” brings design to source code
Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.1 Released
Raspberry Pi’s official 7″ touchscreen display goes on sale today for $60
WD PiDrive is a 1TB hard drive kit for the Raspberry Pi
Mycroft got funded
Mycroft launch Indiegogo campaign
LILO Boot-Loader Development To Cease At End Of Year
The end of a cycle. The beginning of a new one.

Performance & Security
Snapdragon 820’s custom CPU is twice as fast, efficient as disappointing 810
Qualcomm Steps Up To Fight Android Malware And App Privacy Violations
x86 Systems Will See Some Boot Time Optimizations With Linux 4.3

Steam gamers already use Windows 10 more than all Linux distros combined
Supporting Linux wasn’t ‘worthwhile,’ says creator of one of 2015’s best PC games

Google Antitrust
GRIP: Google’s EU antitrust case now dogged by no-win, no-fee ambulance chasing
Now India probes Google, threatens $1bn fine over ‘biased’ search
CCI charges Google with rigging search results; Flipkart, Facebook corroborate complaints

Corporate Overlords
Report: Google will comply with censorship laws to get Play into China
Facebook must obey German law even if free speech curtailed: minister
Microsoft, Google, Amazon, others, aim for royalty-free video codecs
Google donates €1 million to help refugees in need

Even the Inventor of PGP Doesn’t Use PGP
Now available from GNU Press, the NeuG True Random Number Generator

0:48:04   Paying for the Web

Is on-line advertising a necessary evil? We sat down to chew over the topic for a little while, and a few supporting links for our comments are below. There’s so much we didn’t even get into – the rise of malvertising, for instance – but we didn’t want to dedicate an entire show to the topic. The big question is whether there are alternative revenue generating models out there that could replace advertising, or whether most everything else has been tried… and failed. Or maybe, just maybe, a completely unfunded and amateur web wouldn’t be any bad thing? We’re sure there are strong feelings out there, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

The 2015 Ad Blocking Report
Less than half of UK adults are aware ads fund free content online
The Sun now least visited UK newspaper site after paywall
“only 2% of Internet users would be willing to pay the cost that is today covered by advertisement to access information online”
“PageFair… provided publishers a tool to offer visitors to pay for an online content instead of enjoying it for free. The proportion of users who shifted from the free to the paying option was 0.3%”
All of Germany just signed up to this micropayment app that people think is the future of news on the web
Who pays for us to browse the web? Be wary of Google’s latest answer


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