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September 6, 2015

Episode #52

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0:01:11 Behind the Headlines
0:27:08 Feedback
0:49:42 Simple Bidirectional File Syncing

Having suffered the predictable outpouring of scorn, we go behind the headlines to discuss whether Microsoft’s Windows 10 really poses any greater threat to your privacy than similar offerings from the likes of Google. We also talk Linux on big iron, plus offer some thoughts about a couple of new input devices for your phone or tablet.

After your feedback, Jesse and Paddy try out a selection of supposedly simple bidirectional file syncing utilities. We’d love to repeat this segment with applications that actually work, so suggestions to the usual address please!

0:01:11   Behind the Headlines

Three weeks ago IBM launches LinuxONE at LinuxCon, announces Open Mainframe Project
Ubuntu on the Mainframe: Interview with Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland
We mentioned a couple of other podcast interviews during this segment:
Bad Voltage 1×38 (NSFW)
Software Engineering Radio Episode 184

Huge savings prompt Italian city to dump OpenOffice for Microsoft after four years
Calls for city that ditched Microsoft for Linux to switch laptops to Windows
Here’s the one ‘major problem’ facing Munich after switching from Windows to Linux
Video of talk about LiMux at DebConf15
Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft
Ten years of Ubuntu: How Linux’s beloved newcomer became its criticized king
Automatic Windows 10 Updates Chewing Through Data Caps
Windows, Privacy, and You
Even when told not to, Windows 10 just can’t stop talking to Microsoft
Updates Make Windows 7 and 8 Spy On You Like Windows 10
fix windows 10

LG Rolly Keyboard rolls up into a stick for easy transport
The Dell keyboard Paddy praised was a re-branded version of the old, but absolutely terrific, iGo Stowaway. Anybody still using one?
This Modular Touchpad May Be the Future of Input Devices

0:27:08   Feedback

A huge thank you to debb1046 and shtrom for the Flattrs, and to our existing PayPal Monthly Supporters.

Topslakr got in touch about Fedora; as did Jed Reynolds, who pointed out some of the valid use-cases remaining for 32 bit distros (support for which Fedora appear to shortly be about to drop).

We spoke about Windows 10 earlier in the show, and brindleoak wrote in to express his concern that since it’s perfectly usable, what incentive is there now to suggest Linux as an alternative…?

Following our recent chat about browsers becoming near-as-damnit full operating systems, 0xf10e reminded us about the impending arrival of WebAssembly.

Moritz oferred further thoughts about GitLab, and pointed us towards a guest blog post by Mike Gerwitz.

Many of us need to sync files between devices, and Lars Falk-Petersen wondered what we thought about Syncthing? Whilst we’ll no doubt look at this applications in a future show, listen on for our views on some (sadly weak) alternatives.

We received a lot of positive feedback on our interview with Ron Minnich about the coreboot project. Thanks in particular to Will and Alex for your comments. And Will also shared some thoughts about recent unwelcome developments with Firefox.

0:49:42   Simple Bidirectional File Syncing

Looking for a straightforward, command-line, bidirectional file syncing utility? After trying out bsync, csync and Bitpocket, so are we. Any suggestions gratefully received.


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