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August 30, 2015

Episode #51

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0:08:19 News
0:41:21 Photo Editing

As a keen amateur photographer, Jesse wanted to find out how good the better-known Linux photo viewing and editing applications actually are – so he set the team a homework challenge. On this occasion, the incompetence of one of your Luddites was far exceeded by the developers of one of the apps…


Joe and Jesse talked about Vysor, a beta Chrome extension that allows you to mirror and control your Android device from your desktop.

0:08:19   News

Linux Foundation Proposes Open Source Best-Practices Badge
Conservancy and Debian announce Copyright Aggregation Project

A New Linux File-System Aims For Speed While Having ZFS/Btrfs-Like Features
Go 1.5 released; now self-hosting
Contiki 3.0 Released, New Hardware from Texas Instruments, Zolertia

China Chipmakers Tap ARM Designs to Challenge Intel, Qualcomm
Rockchip’s “Light Work OS” is Android with a Start Menu, windowed apps

Your new phone will have less Google bloatware, and that’s awesome
Smartphone sales up as demand for high-end devices rises
Apple’s former CEO John Sculley unveils two sleek and cheap Android smartphones
$300 Cyanogen-powered ZUK Z1 coming to Europe, US in September
Meet Wileyfox, an ‘edgy’ new mobile brand powered by Cyanogen

0:41:21   Photo Editing

The Luddites attempted to use FotoXX, Shotwell and Gwenview to complete a series a photo viewing and editing challenges set by Jesse, with varied success. If you want to see how we got on, Jesse will be posting the task list and all of the images to our Google Plus community.


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