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August 23, 2015

Episode #50

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0:01:02 Behind the Headlines
0:33:47 Feedback
0:48:49 Semplice 7

When something many of us still think of as a presentation medium becomes a genuinely serious attack vector, you’ve got to ask whether maybe things have gone too far. And we kick off our look Behind the Headlines with a bunch of stories about how web technologies are increasingly proving a danger to our privacy and security. We also talk about Oracle, and a report that claims that commercial software is more secure than Open Source.

After your Feedback, Jesse does his level best to convince the team that Semplice 7 lives up to the standards set by its previous incarnation. On this, there was some disagreement…

0:01:02   Behind the Headlines

How your phone’s battery life can be used to invade your privacy
Websites that ID you by how you type: Great when you’ve forgotten a password, but…
DRAM “Bitflipping” exploit for attacking PCs: Just add JavaScript
EFF, AdBlock and Others Launch New Do Not Track Standard
Privacy Badger 1.0 Is Here To Stop Online Tracking!

It’s official: Samsungs are for old people
Big, ugly, heavy laptops are surprise PC sales sweet spot issues internal ‘ditch Oracle NOW’ edict to end pricey addiction
Oracle security chief to customers: Stop checking our code for vulnerabilities
Commercial software more secure than open source, finds report
Linux Foundation’s CII Donates $50k+ To OpenBSD

The Pi Podcast

0:33:47   Feedback

A huge thank you to marmai and an anonymous donor for the Flattrs, Robert Forster for the PayPal donation, and to Charlie Ebert, Eoghann Walker, Christopher Atkins and Siniša Vidović for becoming Monthly Supporters – we really do appreciate knowing how much you guys value the show.

Ivor O’Connor, Nathan D. Smith and Campbell Barton all got in touch with some thoughts about GitLab, but – like Campbell – we’d still be interested in hearing a first-hand account of moving a large, active project onto that platform. Anyone?

Thanks to Richard for pointing out that the Android-x86 4.4r3 files are now available via SourceForge, rather than just on a personal Drive account; to Alex for his feedback about our Ubuntu community Over a Pint; and to Rob Landley for flagging up some thought-provoking articles that he wrote a few years back.

@AlJahom tried to sell us on the benefits of the Asus Transformer Book TF103C, and Tim Hamilton is similarly impressed with his Dell XPS 13. However, Charles Stell detailed some of the problems that he’s experienced with exactly that same machine. And thanks also to Brian Hall and Kelly Price for their thoughts on the topic.

0:48:49   Semplice 7

Way back in our second ever show, Joe brought us a gushing First Impression of Semplice 6. With version 7 now long released, and hopefully well-bedded in, we were looking forward to hearing a similarly glowing report from Jesse – which we duly did. Sadly, your other two Luddites felt the need to pour some cold water on proceedings, and pointed out just some of the myriad flaws that the distro currently suffers from. We can only hope that these issues are just a temporary blip, and that Semplice 8 will return the distro to the fine form seen previously.


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