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January 30, 2014

Episode #5

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Toorox – specialist USB distros – openSUSE 13.1 – ClipGrab – password managers

Thanks to MintCast, Linux Outlaws, The Linux Link Tech Show, Sunday Morning Linux Review, Linux in the Ham Shack, Kernelpanic Oggcast and The Ubuntu UK Podcast for playing our promo. Sorry to anyone else who has played it that we don’t know about.


Linux Voice have blasted past their target!

The second beta of SteamOS is now out, which offers better support for Intel graphics.

Another Indiegogo project of interest is LinuxonAndroid.

CTO of Red Hat says “RHEL 7 is going to be awesome“. More informative is their press release, which promises lots of cloud features. Also Fedora 20 has been released.

Upcoming kernel changes: port knocking may get a direct kernel implementation, ZRAM looks likely to be mainlined in 3.14.

Enlightenment version 0.18 is now out.

Canonical is forking the GNOME Control Center.

First Impressions

Paddy was quite impressed with the Gentoo-based Toorox; next show, Joe will be looking at ALT Linux.

Specialist USB Distros

Joe spoke about Clonezilla, GParted and SystemRescueCD, whilst Paddy talked about Tails, DBAN, mentioned Webconverger and Instant WebKiosk, and liked Porteus Kiosk Edition.


Both Beeza and Bill In Michigan followed up on our comments about input devices, and made a powerful case for keyboard use.

Jack Dennahower brought our attention to a story about the possibility of Canonical requiring Linux Mint to license binary packages.

Both Rob Mackenzie and Ian Barton returned to the topic of parental controls. Ian also explained his filtering/access setup, which is a combination of OpenDNSSquid proxy server and a Shorewall firewall. He’s helpfully written a straightforward guide to setting these up – thanks again, Ian.

Morten expressed an interest in seeing us talk about some of the more ‘classical’ distros; things like Debian, Red Hat, Gentoo, Slackware, and the somewhat newer Arch. We’ll be happy to oblige.

Todd pointed us in the direction of the Kano project, which recently ended a Kickstarter funding campaign.

Finally, A. Michael Tatum had some nice words for Joe, and suggested he take a look at CrunchBang.

openSUSE 13.1

Two XFCE and Debian fanboys decided to have a look at the latest openSUSE release.

Over a Pint

We kicked around the possible implications for the Linux world of the imminent end-of-lifing of WindowsXP.

Off the Beaten Path

Joe mentioned ClipGrab, a GUI tool to complement the command line multimedia downloaders he spoke about last time.

This show, we looked at password management using tools based around the KeePass database format(s). Paddy mentioned KeePassX as a cross-platform alternative, KeePassDroid and Keepass2Android on Android, and MiniKeePass for Macs.

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