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not all change is progress

August 2, 2015

Episode #47

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As the strapline reads, not all change is progress. But we’re hopeful that a shorter and more frequent Linux Luddites will be. Going forwards, we’ll be bringing you a weekly hour-long show that otherwise holds to the principles you’ve told us you value in what we do. So that means we’ll be keeping our breadth of news coverage from around the FOSS world intact, continuing to treat your feedback with the respect it deserves, and providing plenty of time to give our topics, and each other, space to breathe. We hope you’ll like the change, and find fitting your Luddite fix into busy lives just a little easier as a consequence.

After the news, this show we’ll be looking at some of the options available to the dual-booter for safely accessing your Linux data from within Windows. And we’ll be solving a conundrum facing Canonical, as we sit down over a pint and discuss what needs to be done to bring the Ubuntu Community back to full health.

0:02:46   News

LibreOffice Should Now Be Working Okay On Wayland
The Road to LibreOffice 5.0

The French want to BAN .doc and .xls files from Le Gouvernement
EU Starts Geo-Blocking Antitrust Case Against US Movie Studios

Intel, Micron reveal Xpoint, a new memory architecture that could outclass DDR4 and NAND
The new memory from Intel and Micron will do to SSDs what SSDs did to disk drives

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition now available for direct purchase
Ubuntu Phone review: years in the making, but still not consumer-ready on the MX4 (German)

Plasma Mobile launched, with initial support for the Nexus 5
Sebastian Kügler: KDE’s Plasma Mobile is running on Plasma 5 and Kubuntu
Video of Shashlik presentation at Akademy 2015

Thanks to Jason Irwin for flagging up this year’s LinuxBierWanderung

0:26:52   Group Test

Joe and Paddy took a whistle-stop tour around four applications that could make the life of a dual-booter just that little bit simpler. Whilst DiskInternals Linux Reader and Ext2Read provide read-only access to your Linux partitions from within Windows, Paragon ExtFS and the really rather good ext2Fsd give you the full read/write experience.

0:44:17   Over a Pint

How important is a vibrant Community to a successful FOSS project? With the Ubuntu Community looking decidedly ragged, we chewed over what impact reduced Community input might mean for that distro, and what steps Canonical might profitably take if it genuinely wanted to halt the ongoing decline in outside contributions and developer mind-share.


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