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July 20, 2015

Episode #46

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Free Software and Open Hardware are increasingly being used within education across the globe. This show, a news item and two interviews with people working within the sector got us thinking about the apparent lack of emphasis being placed upon those freedoms whilst teaching computing to our children.


Joe’s been moonlighting on the Ubuntu Podcast, and shamelessly plugged the JoeRess Podcast.

0:05:04   News

Moz Woz Soz
Mozilla’s plans for Firefox: More partnerships, better add-ons, and faster updates
Startup lands $100 million to challenge smartphone superpowers Apple and Google
Firefox blacklists Flash player due to unpatched 0-day vulnerabilities

Hacking Team hacked: firm sold spying tools to repressive regimes, documents claim
UK and US demands to access encrypted data are ‘unprincipled and unworkable’
High court rules data retention and surveillance legislation unlawful

Canonical Bashing
Free software fans land crucial punch in Ubuntu row – but it’s not over
Canonical’s Ubuntu IP policy is garbage

Ubuntu to ship on Lenovo laptops in India
This is the BBC Micro Bit mini-PC for UK students
WeTek OpenELEC launched
Jolla cuts hardware biz loose to concentrate on Sailfish licensing
Crowdfunded reversible micro-USB connectors are just like buses
Or would you prefer a pseudo MagSafe connector?
Linux still rules supercomputing

0:52:30   Egham Jam Interviews

Joe spoke to Stacey Driver from Ragworm UK about their efforts to get children involved in coding and hardware hacking.

He also spoke to Cat Lamin, a primary school maths and computing teacher, about introducing children and other teachers to the Raspberry Pi. Cat mentioned the Coding Evening initiative, and can also be found writing at her personal blog.

1:24:44   Feedback

A huge thank you to Robert Meineke and Patrick Hogan for joining the ranks of our Monthly Supporters, and to all of our existing supporters. And to DeepGeek and an anonymous donor for your Flattrs. Thanks, guys!

And thanks to Dave Allan for the mail about Swift. Too detailed for the show, but valuable background for your Luddites – thanks, Dave.

A number of you got in touch to broadly agree with our views on tiling window managers – that there’s a definite learning curve there, but the productivity gains can be great if you put in the effort. Several of you also picked up on how stacking window managers have been borrowing features and keyboard short-cuts from their tiling brethren. Thanks to Tom Hardy, Digi Owl, Oliver Agar, Joel Ewing, Igor, Campbell Barton, Ron Houk, Rolf Riis Bjørnsen and b-yeezi for your comments and insights.

Both 0xf10e and Nigel Verity chipped in on the great net neutrality debate, whilst Will encouraged us to return to the topic for a more in-depth look.

On the mobile front, Jezra suspected that Samsung’s strategy with Tizen will not encourage developer take-up, whilst Henry Sprogg is still hoping that a more FOSS-friendly competitor to Android will emerge.

And rounding things off in a similar vein, Will S got in touch looking for some smartphone purchasing advice for the user who does care about software freedom.

1:46:15   Over a Pint

Are modern desktop environments really that bad? Joe and Jesse chewed over the topic.


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