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May 11, 2015

Episode #41

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With one of the Luddites missing this show, the remaining two decided to fill the void with a look at a piece of namesake FOSS. And whilst Debian may have many strengths, being a newbie-friendly desktop OS has never really been one of them. Has that changed with the release of Jessie?

And what do a home-made CNC router and a musical octopus have in common? They can both be powered by a Raspberry Pi, of course. Bravely venturing outside the confines of the M25, Joe brought us a handful of interviews recorded at the recent Jam event held in Egham, Surrey.

0:05:03   News

RISCy Business
MIPS quietly bares its processor architecture to universities
PayPal adopts ARM servers, gets mightily dense
ARM: “Microcontrollers Are Better Because There’s No GPL”
CHIP – The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer

Ubuntu laptops available for pre-order with
Synfig Studio 1.0
Chromixium 1.0
Debian GNU/Hurd 2015
Introducing Xubuntu core

Mozilla Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP
Dangerous And Ridiculous: Facebook Won’t Let Sites Join Its Program If They Encrypt Traffic
Choc Factory finds 84,000 ad injectors targeting Chrome

Microsoft & Convergence
Microsoft brings Android, iOS apps to Windows 10
Why Windows embracing Android and iOS is a bad idea
Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 leaps out of the Microsoft oven
Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, A Free Cross-Platform Code Editor For OS X, Linux And Windows
Microsoft Shows Off Continuum For Windows 10 Phones
Ubuntu may beat Windows 10 to phone-PC convergence after all

0:43:52   Egham Raspberry Jam Interviews, Part 1

Joe has some photos of the exhibits up on G+.

Raspberry Pi Arduino EEG Hack by Albert M Hickey (aka Winkle ink). Albert also wrote a short blog post about the entire Jam event.
CNC machine by Stephen Cornes.
Matt Sendorek was showing off a Maplin robot arm.

0:55:37   Feedback

A huge thank you to Jeffrey Rollin and Johan Nilsson, the latest recruits to the ranks of our esteemed Monthly Supporters, all of whom we thank for their ongoing support. As we do cocreature and johanv, who kept things ticking over on Flattr. Thanks one and all :)

Following our questioning of Canonical’s claims about Ubuntu user numbers, Nigel Verity offered some thoughts on more accurate ways of tracking those statistics.

We attempted to address a couple of questions posed by Mitlik; and Paddy agreed with Rob Landley that there does appear to be a fundamental difference of opinion between the SFLC and SFC about whether kernel modules constitute legally derived works in licensing terms.

We received a lot of feedback directly, on our website, and on social media about our review of the Entroware laptops last show. Thanks to all who offered their thoughts, and especially to Jerry, Esteban, Cathryne, Neil Wallace and Frank Bell, whose comments we chose to feature as being roughly indicative of the spread that we received. And a special thank you to Anthony Pich from Entroware who, recognising our attempts to be constructive in our criticism, responded in the same vein.

1:11:21   Egham Raspberry Jam Interviews, Part 2

Seven Segments of Pi, the PiTrol and the PiDapter from Nevil Hunt.
Joe spoke to Claire about her knitted musical octopus.

1:21:12   Debian Jessie, Through the Eyes of a New User

Debian makes for a solid server OS, and a terrific base for many other distros. But is it a good choice on the desktop for a new user? Donning our shades of naivety, we attempted to find out.


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