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April 13, 2015

Episode #39

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Back with more news, reviews and general grumpiness, this time out the Luddites looked at several flavours of Ubuntu which promise to transform the Raspberry Pi into a functional desktop machine, and Jesse had a bone to pick with Jony Ive.

0:07:10   News

UK’s Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Revealed in Treasury Report, whereas Australia decides it’s not worth the cost
UK IP Chief Wants ISPs to Police Piracy Proactively
Hollywood star Stallone thanks police after man arrested at Leeds workplace in movie piracy probe
Hate DRM? Tell the world on May 6th
Porn websites will be blocked unless they introduce age controls, Tories say
Microsoft adds ODF 1.2 to Office 365 to adhere to government demands
Infamous “podcasting patent” knocked out

Firefox 37 released, with begging and opportunistic encryption; oops, maybe not
Coherent UNIX clone goes Open Source
Lots of Ubuntu tablets hit the street; general European retail availability of bq Ubuntu phone
Ubuntu versions of Dell XPS 13 available
Ubuntu MATE on hardware

The Shape of Things to Come
GNOME 3.16 runtime SDK
Microsoft unveils Hyper-V Containers and Nano Server, a tiny version of Windows Server

Security Gubbins
Google Chrome will banish Chinese certificate authority for breach of trust, Apple not so much
China’s Man-on-the-Side Attack on GitHub; China’s Great Cannon
Linux Foundation to Host Open Encryption Project

0:55:20   Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi

Intrigued whether Ubuntu might offer better performance than Raspbian, Joe lost countless hours of his life spinning up basic Ubuntu 14.04, a 14.10 image and the well regarded Ubuntu MATE 15.04 community edition.

1:14:39   Feedback

A huge thank you to marmai for the Flattr, and to all of our Monthly Supporters for keeping the lights on. As we mentioned on the show, all donations really are used to make the show better for you, the listener. We think that we’re holding up our end of the value-for-value bargain pretty well, but always welcome ideas on how we can improve as well as funding.

PhilNC and John Horan both picked up on the topic of Secure Boot and, in John’s case, ran quite far with it – thanks, guys.

John Montgomery got in touch with a pragmatic view regarding browser media consumption; and a post by our very own Jesse on G+ again prompted a brief digression into the differences between products and projects.

Charles S and Ivor O’Connor offered differing views on the latest ruse to force out Linus new kernel Code of Conflict.

Ronald Houk, Patrick Hogan, Charles, Zachary Robbins and SonOfNed all enjoyed our interview with Doug Hill; and Cathryne, Campbell Barton, Isaac Carter and Will offered further thoughts arising from the piece. Ivor O’Connor was the sole obvious dissenting voice who got in touch regarding the interview – and this is as good a time as any to remind everyone that we do welcome all feedback, whether positive or less so. Finally, and in response to Doug’s lack of a prescriptive way forward, Torin Doyle and Glen Skiner both suggested a technocratic resource based economy model – so I guess Doug didn’t win them over, either?

1:38:37   Over a Pint

The topic of choice was back to the fore, prompted by Jesse bristling at Jony Ive’s suggestion that designers know better than consumers when it comes to design.


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