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March 2, 2015

Episode #36

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Time was when KDE looked like something created by a hyperactive child let loose with a box of crayons. Whilst still offering a befuddling array of configuration options, aesthetically it’s now all grown up – and actually surprisingly attractive. We kicked the tyres on a couple of recent KDE distros that aim to offer the user quite contrasting experiences.

Just why is proprietary GUI software often better than the FOSS alternatives? Hear our thoughts on this after our usual coverage of the news, your feedback and our excursion into KDE-land.

0:05:35   News

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Release
OpenStreetMap now has A-to-B routing built in to the homepage
Symple Introduces the $89 Planet Friendly Ubuntu Linux Web Workstation

Samsung’s Linux-Based Tizen Phone Proves an Unexpected Success
Pebble Time – Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises

Odds ‘n’ Sods
Internet of things starter kit unveiled by ARM and IBM (official IBM link)
Congratulations to Martin for Ubuntu MATE gaining official status for 15.04; and now listing on DistroWatch
The truth about Purism: Why Librem is not the same as libre

How hackers could attack hard drives to create a pervasive backdoor
Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections
Some notes on SuperFish
Thought Komodia/Superfish Bug Was Really, Really Bad? It’s Much, Much Worse!
Lenovo’s Promise for a Cleaner, Safer PC
It’s Not Just Superfish – Your Computer Blindly Trusts Hundreds of Sources
The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole The Keys To The Encryption Castle
Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It’s LIKELY
Gemalto presents the findings of its investigations into the alleged hacking of SIM card encryption keys by Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)
SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto: Everything’s fine … Security industry: No, it’s really not

0:44:45   Feedback

A huge thank you to Jonathan Spriggs for joining our Monthly Supporters, whose ranks largely keep this little ship afloat. And, as ever, thanks to johanv for his continuing support on Flattr.

Paddy mentioned that you can now find us on Stitcher, if that’s your kind of thing. He also grovelling apologised for a minor RSS snafu, which meant a broken audio feed for half a day. Yes, he’ll be running Fedora for the next week as an act of penance.

Dave Allan and Daniel Rossbach both offered further thoughts on our recent Over a Pint about social media, with Daniel flagging up the supposedly secure and ephemeral Pond.

And, speaking of secure messaging, Ivor O’Connor was one of several listeners who mentioned the Switzerland-based ProtonMail to us.

Richard Norton-Hall told us that the BBC is moving away from Windows Media streaming; whilst James Chappell made some observations about Joe’s recent First Impressions of the Pi 2. And also Pi related, Arold wondered if we’d tried the ODROID-C1?

The debate around ISOs vs scripts for derivative distros continued with some input from Esteban.

Thanks to Isaac Carter, Will, Steven Rosenberg, MikeF and Firefoxfan2702 for your comments on Ubuntu Touch and the bq phone. The Nielsen statistics that Paddy mentioned can be found here.

And thanks to everyone else who left us feedback on our website or elsewhere. Your views are always an important part of this show, and will remain so :)

1:06:01   Two Distros, Two Versions of KDE

We took a look at Linux Mint 17 KDE and the more aesthetically pleasing – but application challenged – KaOS.

1:53:28   Over a Pint

Our occasional discussion segment made a welcome return, albeit with a slightly controversial topic, as Joe wondered why it is that proprietary GUI software is frequently better than the FOSS alternatives?


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