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December 8, 2014

Episode #30

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Ikey Doherty interview

0:01:34   News

Funding Campaigns – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
New FLOSS crowdfunding site crowdfunding itself
Software Freedom Conservancy Supporter Program
Debian ‘fork’ Devuan has been announced
The UbuTab. A 2TB Ubuntu tablet for media lovers.
Wikipedia won’t stop BEGGING for cash – despite sitting on $60m

EU Thinks It Has Jurisdiction Over The Global Internet: Says Right To Be Forgotten Should Be Global
European parliament votes in favor of breaking up Google
Forget EU’s Toothless Vote To ‘Break Up’ Google; Be Worried About Nonsensical ‘Unbiased Search’ Proposal

Ubuntu Incubator
Linux Journal Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

Web as a Platform
What’s Next For Firefox?
Mozilla will automatically switch Firefox search to Yahoo for most U.S. users
Google sold more Chromebooks to US schools than Apple did iPads in Q3
Chrome 40 Beta: Powerful Offline and Lightspeed Loading with Service Workers

Docker turns conductor in enterprise-aiming orchestration play
CoreOS Blasts Docker for “Broken Security”, Builds Own Container Engine
Can CoreOS Win the Container Fight it Has Picked?
How Not To Manage An Open-Source Community, Courtesy Of Docker
Cavium Debuts 48-Core ARM Server Chip
Linux Foundation finds enterprise Linux growing at Windows’ expense

Bitcoin laid bare: Boffins beat anonymity
Sites certified as secure often more vulnerable to hacking, scientists find
Why I won’t be using “Let’s Encrypt” and recommend others not to also
Security Collapse in the HTTPS Market
The Cost of the “S” in HTTPS (PDF)

0:49:07   Feedback

A huge thank you to Richard Norton-Hall and David Wolski, and to all of our regular Monthly Supporters, for your PayPal donations.

Esteban Martinez, SonOfNed and Zen Floater all chipped in with some thoughts on our Ubuntu MATE 14.04 review last time. Martin Wimpress, the project lead, took the time to address our nit-picks, which bodes well for the attention to detail that the project will receive longer term.

Brendan Perrine praised LXLE, and echoed our thoughts on the miserable state of battery technology and use life.

In the spirit of podcaster brotherliness, we played an audio promo for TLLTS. As Joe mentioned, the guys over there do tend to go off-topic far more than we do, and are decidedly NSFW.

mandy wondered why we don’t spend much time talking about Replicant, and Hamza Bhatti questioned whether the wider Linux community couldn’t learn some lessons from the growth of Google’s other proprietary-laden OS?

Harvey and Will offered some thoughts on Mozilla’s recent sell-out to Microsoft Bing embrace of search engine alternatives.

Wrapping things up, Ronald Barnes and Brad Alexander both got in touch regarding licensing, and we briefly wondered how much the personalities of those at the FSF/SFC benefit or hinder the goals of those organisations.

1:03:55   Ikey Doherty Interview

Ikey Doherty is perhaps best known for his work on the Linux Mint Debian Edition, and for creating the SolusOS distribution. Taking lessons he learned from those two projects, and adding in some inspiration from Google’s Material Design, Ikey has been working away on a new desktop environment based upon the modern GNOME stack called Budgie. In tandem, he’s been developing Evolve OS, a complete and purely desktop-oriented distribution.

Budgie isn’t tied to Evolve OS, and the current development version is available to try out on other distros via an Ubuntu PPA, the Arch AUR, or using Open Build Service packages for Fedora and openSUSE.

The Budgie desktop is going to be all over the tech press in the coming months, so if you want to get in at the ground floor a good place to start would be the official Evolve OS G+ community, or you can help Ikey realise his vision by contributing to the project.

A huge thank you to Ikey for taking the time to talk with us, and we look forward to bringing him back on the show as the project progresses for further updates.


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