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November 10, 2014

Episode #28

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LegacyOS – Trisquel 7


In a move that could be considered admirable or foolhardy depending upon your point of view, one of our number committed to running Fedora 21 beta as his daily driver for the next fortnight. Tune in next time to hear how the impetuous youth got on.

0:03:39   News

Suse enterprise Linux can take your system back in time (other interesting tidbits)
Fujitsu Developer Talks Up Btrfs File-System, Declares It Ready To Use
Facts about Tumbleweed and Factory merging
Canonical rolls out home-grown Ubuntu OpenStack distro (install guide)
Ubuntu LXD: Not a Docker replacement, a Docker enhancement (from the horse’s mouth, and some scepticism)

Ubuntu-ish Shorts
MintMenu forked to become MateMenu
Ubuntu MATE community donations
An Intel-Based Ubuntu Touch Tablet Is Planning To Launch Soon, but will it be official?

Mobile & Small Form Factor
Mozilla hopes to challenge Raspbian as RPi OS of choice
Nextbit Comes Out of Stealth, Demos Service That Lets a Tablet Pick Up Where a Phone Left Off

Open Sores
Berliner Steuerbehörden wollen wieder MS Office nutzen
Windows 10 Includes a Linux-Style Package Manager Named “OneGet”

Researcher Finds Tor Exit Node Adding Malware to Binaries
GnuPG 2.1 released
Security scorecard finds messaging apps need more development (and some criticism)

What, No More World Cup Outlaws?!
Fab and Dan’s announcement and explanation for the end of Linux Outlaws

0:46:37   First Impressions

Jesse cast an intrigued eye over the Puppy-based LegacyOS.

And that’s that for First Impressions – there’s only so much that even your hosts can take. We do expect to bring you the occasional short review of other minor distros in the future, but only when we come across one that seems to offer something interesting and worthy of flagging up to a wider audience.

1:01:51   Feedback

A huge thank you to Joshua Krasnow and our regular Monthly Supporters for keeping the lights on. You guys rock :)

Thanks to David A Wheeler and TJ for their emails; allan, Will and Enzro Greenidge for their comments on our website; and to everyone on Twitter and Google Plus – it’s great to see so much engagement and a real sense of community continuing to build around the show.

Suitably chastened by David Wolski’s comment on G+, we spent less time talking about mobile devices this show. Getting the balance right is rather tricky, as mobile is quite clearly the only future of computing for the vast bulk of the world’s population. We’ll continue trying to walk this line.

Joel got in touch to suggest that Joe shouldn’t be judging the potential of the smartwatch category purely on his experiences with the Omate TrueSmart; whilst Sam gently took us to task over our perceived negativity towards Ubuntu.

We got a whole heap of feedback about our piece on GhostBSD last show, and the BSDs in general. Thanks to Brad Alexander, Florian, Nathan D Smith, Zen Floater, Floyd Wallace, Steven Rosenberg and SonOfNed for your thoughts, comments, and points of view. It’s definitely a topic we’ll be returning to in the future.

1:21:36   Trisquel 7

It may be 100% libre and endorsed by the FSF, but is Trisquel a practical option for regular users? We took a look at the recently released version 7 of this distro to find out. Whilst we found it somewhat of a curate’s egg – due to some downright odd decisions and oversights by the devs – it’s generally a tidy looking and functional distro, and would be a great place to start for anyone whose overriding concern is software freedom.


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