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October 27, 2014

Episode #27

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GALPon MiniNo – GhostBSD – 10 years of Ubuntu


Joe isn’t too impressed with his Omate smartwatch, but Jesse is happy with his retrofitted Galaxy S3 wireless charger. We also mentioned the panel discussion at OggCamp, and a photo of your hosts taken whilst there.

0:14:24   News

Pant-Wettingly Exciting Launches
New Nexi and Lollipop, the latter bringing easier beaming and more lockdown
Apple’s iPad launch was all about dog-whistle computing
Apple’s Real iPad Surprise: A SIM Card That Lets Users Swap Data Plans
FYI: OS X Yosemite’s Spotlight tells Apple EVERYTHING you’re looking for (oh, hello Ubuntu)

Other Software Launches
LXQt 0.8.0 released
Emacs 24.4 released
Send videos from Firefox for Android to your TV

Security Oddments
Google introduced Gmail USB security key
Poodle (further technical details)
anonabox : a Tor hardware router (controversy, death and alternatives)

Back to the Future
Munich sheds light on the cost of dropping Linux and returning to Windows
The Debian init system general resolution returns and dubious plans (who are these Veteran Unix Admins?)
Debian Now Defaults To Xfce On Non-x86 Desktops
Google backtrack on removing ext2/3/4 support from ChromeOS
Chromebook shipments leap by 67 percent

Seen Elsewhere
Don’t have any coding skills, but want to help out the FOSS community?

1:08:34   First Impressions

Joe finally got to give us his impressions of GALPon MiniNo, whilst Jesse was handed LegacyOS for next time.

1:17:20   Feedback

A huge thank you to kevie for the Flattr, and to our regular Monthly Supporters for their PayPal donations. If you’d like to help keep the podcast on the road, or just say thanks for the value we try to bring you, head on over to our support page.

Thanks to SonOfNed, JL and Don Henderson for your emails; and especially to Glen Skiner who gave us some good feedback on the show. And thanks to Joel, Mitlik, Reto, and Russell Dickenson for your comments on our website, and to everyone on Twitter and Google Plus.

Following our recent discussions about BadUSB, Nathan D Smith got in touch with an anecdote illustrating how USB devices can be subverted even to fairly trivial ends.

Picking up on Paddy’s off-the-cuff comments about encrypted web traffic, JonTheNiceGuy Spriggs and SonOfNed sought some clarification. Check out the comments on our last show for an enlightening talk by Moxie Marlinspike, and to chip in.

Frames got in touch regarding Guix, and to (sadly) agree that the graphics performance of recent versions of Windows can actually be rather good.

We had a really positive response to our interview last time with Martin Wimpress of the Ubuntu MATE project, and chose to read out a post from Mikael Inscius which was indicative of all the nice things that everyone had said.

And, finally, the winner of our exclusive Ubuntu MATE developer team T-shirt give-away was Ludovico Magnocavallo. Congratulations to Ludo, and the T-shirt is in the post.

1:23:04   GhostBSD

Can you make BSD as approachable to desktop users as many Linux distros now are? We took a look at GhostBSD, which is aiming to do just that.

Jesse mentioned BSD Now several times during the conversation, and it is a good resource for anyone interested in the BSD operating systems.

2:01:22   Over a Pint

Whilst this show marked the first anniversary of Linux Luddites, we graciously focused our reminiscences elsewhere, and chewed some Ubuntu fat. Much has changed in the 10 years since Warty came along, and the focus of Canonical has clearly shifted dramatically since those days. With 14.10 offering few new features, and the company obsessing over convergence and Unity 8, we wondered what has Ubuntu done for us?


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