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October 13, 2014

Episode #26

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Reflections on OggCamp – Martin Wimpress interview, the MATE desktop

0:05:42   News

Distro News
Debian may drop kFreeBSD from the Jessie release
Guix switching to eudev

Odds ‘n’ Sods
Netflix Now Works On Ubuntu, No Hacks Required
CloudFlare gives Internet a present: free, no-hassle “Universal” SSL
WPScan Vulnerability Database a New WordPress Security Resource
German City Gummersbach Drops Windows XP and Gets SUSE with a MATE Desktop

Our Benevolent Overlords
Google announces Drive for Education: free, unlimited storage & more security
Chromebooks for Work: More manageable for IT, more powerful for users
Adobe joins the Chromebook party, starting with Photoshop
A simpler, faster way to use Hangouts on your desktop
Focus On The User and semi-counterpoint

Previously Mentioned: Updates
Operating System U
[Bad]USB ‘Patch’ Skirts More Effective Options
Linux Foundation certifications are taking off
Shellshock – David A. Wheeler

Seen Elsewhere
CSS: It was twenty years ago today — an interview with Håkon Wium Lie
IoT? Hold my pint, I got this: ARM crafts one OS to rule them all
imp: Consumer-Focused Open Source Computer

0:45:47   First Impressions

Time pressures meant that we decided to push Joe’s look at GALPon MiniNo back until the next show.

0:46:10   Reflections on OggCamp

Another OggCamp has now been and gone. For two of your hosts, it was their first venture into the world of the unconference – so how did we find it?

0:54:17   Feedback

A huge thank you to johanv and an anonymous donor on Flattr, and to Daniel Asante and James Quilter for their PayPal donations. Daniel Roßbach became the latest person to join the other exalted members of our Monthly Supporter program – many thanks, Daniel.

Another slightly abbreviated Feedback section this time – to allow for our extended interview with Martin – so an upfront thanks to Torin Doyle, Stilvoid, Dale Visser, Nathan D Smith, Steven Rosenberg, Daniel, and everyone on Twitter and G+ for their thoughts and comments. And thanks to Popey for the mention on the latest Ubuntu UK podcast.

pseudomorph and SonOfNed were just two of the listeners who got in touch following our look at the Sunflower file manager last time, with comments that back up a drum we frequently bang on the show – there really is a demand out there for highly functional, keyboard-driven and aesthetically pleasing software. Are you listening, Canonical and Red Hat?

Marktech answered Jesse’s pleas on the Android calendar front by suggesting he take a look at Touch Calendar, an app also endorsed by Craig. Throwing some alternatives into the mix, Glen Skiner suggested Jesse consider Jorte or Business Calendar.

Joel offered his thoughts on a number of topics, and wondered if we’d considered the arkOS project for a Pi-based self-hosted cloud solution; and Christian helped remind us all that different distros suit different use-cases.

We always welcome feedback on the show – after all, it is the only way that we can improve – and not everything that we receive is positive. We read out and briefly talked about an email from Mark, who had some polite, but firm, opinions on his perception of Joe’s negativity. And, for a bit of balance, we also read out a mail congratulating us on nearing our first anniversary.

So, whether bouquets or brickbats, please keep the feedback coming. Apart from rare opportunities in meatspace such as OggCamp, it’s the only way for us to ensure that what we do remains interesting and relevant to all of you – which is really rather the point, isn’t it? Thanks :)

1:07:08   The MATE Desktop

We had a fascinating chat with Martin Wimpress about the MATE desktop project. Although started as a reaction against the changes introduced in GNOME 3, MATE has grown into a coherent and fairly lightweight platform that provides an alternative for all of us who find the traditional desktop paradigm more to our liking. But that’s not where Martin wants to leave things – listen on to find out how he wants to leverage the platform to help introduce more people to the broader free culture community; what his thoughts were on how a couple of well-known distros differ in their approach towards development, and how the (still unofficial) Ubuntu MATE flavour is taking the world by storm.

A huge thank you to Martin for taking the time to talk with us, and we’ll definitely be bringing him back on the show in the future for further updates. And if you do want to give Ubuntu MATE a spin, please help Martin out by using a torrent rather than the direct ISO download – until it does become an official Ubuntu release, he won’t have the Canonical server infrastructure behind him.

As we mentioned on the show, we have an exclusive Ubuntu MATE T-shirt to give away to a Luddites listener. No naff competition or catches involved, just an honest to goodness freebie from Martin and ourselves to one of you. For a chance of bagging the T, simply leave a comment on the post over at our G+ Community, and we’ll randomly choose the recipient during the recording of our next show. Good luck!


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