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January 30, 2014

Episode #2

Well, we got over the first hurdle for a new show, and reached our second episode. As Joe said in the recording, we most definitely will not become just another news ‘n’ releases style podcast, but there was an awful lot of important news to discuss this week…

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Semplice – what is a distro? – GoAccess


Debian is moving away from a traditional SysV init system to systemd or Upstart. They are also contemplating switching to XFCE as the default desktop for version 8, Jessie.

Linus thinks that 32-Bit Linux is not so important, and is considering making Linux 4.0 a bug-fix only release.

Valve’s SteamOS will not be based on Ubuntu.

Fedora turned 10 this week.

Google continue in their efforts to lock Android down; changes in 4.4 KitKat suggest user modifications to the core file-system are just about to get a whole lot more difficult. Google are also beta-testing tracking user visits to bricks and mortar shops to be able to demonstrate conversion rates to online advertisers.

Between the last show and this one it was Halloween. For those of us with long memories, that day marked the 15th anniversary of the release by Eric Raymond of the first of what became know as the “Halloween Documents”.

Microsoft – clearly not content with making $2 billion a year fleecing Android companies – is reigniting the patent wars with a vengeance as the Microsoft/Apple-owned “Rockstar” sue Google and other major Android OEMs.

The GIMP is leaving SourceForge over advertising concerns.

Canonical abused trade mark law whilst targetting the website. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Paddy – goodbye Xubuntu, hello vanilla Debian.


A big thank you to Old Bob, Warren, Mark and Dave for taking the time to get in touch – for a new show like ours, your feedback is the best way we have to know what we are doing right (and, as importantly, where we can improve).

Ray emailed to let us know that he was using Potamus (mentioned last show) to listen to 10cc, and Jack Dennahower was one of several listeners who’d heard our show plugged on mintCast. Joe and Paddy wondered which other podcast Jack was referring to as “The Big Show”. Jack?

Rob Mackenzie had lots of kind words for the show on Twitter, and has given us some good ideas for future segments.

Thanks to Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér for posting some screenshots of a Semplice install, something that Joe sung the praises of later in the show.

Danny and Brian emailed us regarding our Over a Pint discussion, and made some valuable points; Danny on how our computing expectations can easily be set by the sorts of devices we first use (‘proper’ computers or phones/tablets), and Brian on the increasing usefulness of voice input.

As I did during the recording, can I say a huge thank you to Rob at mintCast and Gareth at Mind Set Central for mentioning Linux Luddites during their own shows? Thanks again, guys.

First Impressions

Joe reported back on Semplice, a Debian ‘sid’ based distro, which clearly impressed him. He then claimed (hmm) that DistroWatch’s Random Distribution button came up with Source Mage for Paddy to try. With the state of his ancient hardware, it might not even have compiled before the next show rolls around…

Over a Pint

Following a recap of last week’s discussion, including the comments made by Danny and Brian, Joe asked “What is a distro?” Now that’s a tricky question, and one which Paddy struggled to answer! If any listeners can do better than we did, we’d love to hear from you.

Off the Beaten Path

Paddy talked about GoAccess, a really cracking web log analyser, and PageKite, which makes it easy to expose local services to the wider world. We’ve been using both of these, and have nothing but good things to say about them both.

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